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As many unfamiliar groups, they often have a headache and don't know how to choose a brand when doing Mumen franchise or Mumen agent. At present, in the market where home furnishings are popular, many people choose to join the brand wooden door, and have achieved great success, especially some brands that are not so big, which are booming! And some agents of big brands are getting worse and worse in operation, and their business is not optimistic, and finally even ends badly! There is also a phenomenon, that is, the agents of unified brands in the same region are all well done, customers come in an endless stream every day, and some people's store sales performance is terrible, in a mess, why on earth is this? The reason is not difficult to see that there are good methods and skills to be a wooden door agent to join and operate, but also good support and guidance. So what are the elements that franchisees need to pay attention to


manufacturers are very important

the right one is the best. Dealers don't have to be greedy for products, and only those that are suitable for themselves are the best. By finding a local brand manufacturer with excellent product quality and good business reputation, dealers can make lasting and stable profits. At the same time, it is also a good platform and model for dealers who act as agents for products for the first time to earn "the first pot of gold" in their business


firm cooperation

after finding a good local brand, in order to protect their long-term interests, dealers sometimes need to establish a relatively long-lasting and firm cooperative relationship with manufacturers. Only when dealers grasp the manufacturers to the greatest extent, can their vital interests not be infringed

of course, the premise is that dealers must have a strategic vision. Many successful dealers will decisively sign long-term cooperation agreements with brands. Their purpose is to take this product as their common cause with the manufacturer, operate it carefully, and ensure their long-term and long-term profits to the greatest extent


mutual trust and mutual benefit

if dealers want to cooperate with local brands for mutual benefit, they must have a strategic long-term vision and be able to establish a win-win strategic partnership with manufacturers in an open and open manner. Due to some deficiencies in the popularity and brand power of local brands, as dealers, it is easy to establish a partnership of mutual love, mutual trust and mutual benefit with manufacturers, so that manufacturers can share the same hatred, expand and strengthen the market together, without dealers' profits, manufacturers' losses or the opposite


good at reform

there are many wooden door agents, and the franchisees are self-employed individuals who have worked hard. Have some market experience and management ability, but often turn the store experience into a mom and pop store, and many problems are not easy to solve. Here, it is not to exclude the mom and pop store, but to get rid of the bad habits of experience management. It is difficult to improve the sales performance of the store by letting these bad habits exist, and it is even possible to lower the original experience, resulting in a situation of sales decline and inexperience. Therefore, we should be good at adopting strategies, especially some excellent practical experience of brand wooden door manufacturers, which can help further improve performance and create miracles. Therefore, many franchised agents pay special attention to the manufacturer's policies and training support

therefore, when choosing a wooden door brand, Shu life wooden door suggests that you must choose carefully. Only by investigating more, insisting more and creating more when choosing, can we go further and further on the road of acting as a big brand




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