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This smart home is really popular. Refresh your sense of dependence on home every minute! Now, Ashley smart home takes you to experience this popular smart home

the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, and the ideal home life is the most concerned problem. So in order to have a good home environment, how should your home (especially furniture and household appliances) be decorated

nowadays, smart home has increasingly become the focus of attention. When intelligence really comes into life, will you live a safer, more efficient and simpler life? Ashley smart home brings you experience:

Home customization

↓↓ when you get home in the hot summer, the air conditioner has been started before entering the door, so that you can feel cool when you enter the door; After entering the door, call "Xiaoai classmate" on the shoe cabinet to enter the home mode, and the lights, curtains, televisions, etc. will turn on automatically

↓↓↓ according to the owner's requirements, the shoe cabinet is composed of a hanging cabinet + table top + card seat. The shoes can be stored below, the table top can be used for potted plants, and clothes and bags can be hung behind the card seat, which is very convenient

living room customization

↓↓↓ the design of the living room gives people a simple and generous feeling, the TV cabinet meets the storage needs, and leaves a relatively wide space for the whole living room, so that people will not feel depressed when they move in it

↓↓↓ with smart TV, residents can truly realize voice control and liberate their body and mind

kitchen customization

↓↓↓ cabinet white is matched with wood color, which is simple, smooth and energetic, and the material selection and modeling are unique. L-shaped pattern design, rational use of columns, full use of space, strong cabinet storage, super storage function

↓↓↓ app control before work, the rice cooker has already cooked delicious rice for you, and the Internet refrigerator can also watch TV and listen to music while cooking As long as the operation is simple, you can feel at will. This is the smart kitchen

restaurant customization

↓↓↓ the combination of log color and white is natural and fresh, full of natural and harmonious taste. The side cupboard has a very powerful function, which can place wine, wine utensils and tableware, as well as some uncommon sundries in the lower cupboard

master bedroom customization

↓↓↓ the master bedroom follows the modern and simple style of the guest restaurant, giving people a sense of relaxation and completely relaxing during rest. At the same time, the integral sliding door wardrobe is not only fashionable, but also has super large storage space

customization of the second bedroom

↓↓↓ the design of the second bedroom is relatively simple. The overall closed door wardrobe is designed to the top, with rich storage. The pure white + wood color does not bring any mottled colors, giving people a quiet and comfortable sleeping space

↓↓↓ intelligent induction lamp at the head of the bed, you can directly voice control the opening and closing of the bulb, color temperature and brightness adjustment, so it is very convenient to go to the bathroom at night

girls' room customization

↓↓ children's room usually combines learning, rest and entertainment. Pink is the main color, which is very suitable for girls. The wardrobe, bookcase and locker are all in one space, which is suitable for small rooms to improve the utilization rate

↓↓↓ when the child's room is integrated with intelligent elements, such as the smart camera is placed in the bookcase storage space, you can observe the child's words and deeds, which is convenient for parents to understand the child's living habits and help the child grow happily

boys' room customization

↓↓ children's room is a good choice for modern minimalist furniture made of simple blue and white colors. While using space, the corner wardrobe enhances the storage function

when smart appliances are properly integrated into customized furniture, you will find that such smart homes are your real needs! Easley smart home realizes one-stop smart bag customization in the whole house. The whole house Furniture Customization + smart appliances + life beauty can be done in one house, improving your quality of life and refreshing your sense of dependence on home




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