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1. Decoration points

(1) the surrounding walls should be paved with light colored tiles from the ground to the top, which can play a clean, bright and easy to clean role

(2) the ground can be paved with non slip materials, such as non slip floor tiles, which are durable and easy to clean

(3) the dish washing basin should be inlaid in the pot board

(4) the height of the pot is generally 6500-7000 mm, and the width is 500-550 mm. The pot board is firmly cast in situ with concrete, and the board is pasted with marble, granite and white marble, which is more beautiful and generous. The bottom of the cabinet should be 50-60 mm higher than the ground to prevent water from entering the cabinet. The cabinet is divided into two layers, which can be used for cooking utensils. The front of the cabinet is closed with an aluminum alloy or wood fan to prevent dust from entering

(5) choose beautiful plastic ceiling

(6) in addition to considering personal preferences, it is also very important for the color design of the kitchen to cater to the taste of the family. You can use the colors of cabinets and household appliances to form a theme

(7) the installation of ventilation facilities cannot be ignored in the decoration of ventilated kitchens. It is not only an important condition to ensure indoor hygiene, but also a necessary measure to maintain personal health and safety. Exhaust fan, exhaust hood and range hood are necessary equipment. The lampblack extractor is generally installed at about 0.7m above the gas stove. The shape and color of the extractor should be considered together with the shape and color of the cabinet to avoid disharmony

2. Material selection

simple and smooth materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, chromium steel, iron, wood, white, gray or black tiles, glass, etc., are suitable for kitchen decoration. If the decoration funds are abundant, you can choose some high-style marble and slate

the ground can be paved with solid non slip floor tiles, which are durable and easy to clean. If you pursue a kitchen full of sense of the times, you can consider paving aluminum sheets on the walls and floors. In the past, aluminum sheets were mostly used on the ground of workshops. Because it is not easy to wear and tear, and the price is reasonable, it looks perfect. If it feels too cold and dazzling to use aluminum sheets, ceramic tiles and stainless steel, there are many materials to choose from, such as glazing and painting wooden floors

if the funds are insufficient, white, gray or silver rubber plate materials can also be used. Its surface is also very smooth and durable. It's also good to choose paint surface material. You can brush matte white paint on the wood surface

the kitchen wall can be paved with light colored tiles or painted with light colored paint to create a fresh and natural visual experience

3. Lighting design

pay attention to lighting in kitchens and dining places. In order to improve the illumination of the kitchen, a variety of lamps can be installed according to different purposes. Fluorescent lamps are best used for lighting under the hanging cabinet and above the workbench. Bright incandescent lamps are used for dining lighting, and the color sense is relatively soft. A scientific, reasonable, comfortable and convenient kitchen should be beautiful and concise, and visually bright and clean is particularly important. What color to use is also very important here. We often use light or white magnetic walls, which is conducive to removing dirt. Cabinet color matching has now moved towards elegance and purity. Fresh fruit green, pure wood color, exquisite silver gray, elegant purple blue and elegant off white are all popular choices recently. Try to use cool colors, and use light colors. Because the kitchen is relatively hot, if you use warm colors, you will almost feel that the room temperature is two or three degrees higher




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