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Teknor apex launched a series of "neutral polymer" products

teknorapex is one of the world's leading polymer material manufacturers, with regional headquarters in America, Europe and Asia. At the 28th China (Shanghai) International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (chinaplas2014), rray, President of tenor Alpes, stanlytan, President of Asia Pacific region, and eliottpritikin, senior marketing manager of Asia Pacific region received exclusive interviews

President chenliankun said: "At this exhibition, we focused on promoting a series of rigid and flexible P. when you use them, you should pay more attention to the details that they will degrade the quality of hydraulic oil VC, thermoplastic elastomer TPE, nylon compounds and color masterbatch compounds with unique formulas. For each end-use market, tenor Eppes launched a series of 'neutral polymers' products to meet their needs, covering all the leading areas of our services Domains, such as automotive, medical, consumer goods, electronics and electrical, cabling, NSF regulation, packaging, construction manufacturing, and industrial. " Teknorapex's new "neutral polymer" approach provides a wide range of raw material choices for customers in every end use market worldwide

referring to the future planning for the Chinese market, chenliankun said: "we have specially established a branch in Suzhou to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market. We are able to quickly provide customized compounds that meet the requirements of a series of standards and ultimately constitute a capacity of 30000 tons to Chinese processors. In the future, we will further expand the scale of the company in the Chinese market."

for future market prospects, Chenliankun said, "the plastics industry in the Asia Pacific region is booming. China, in particular, is a market with great potential, and the demand for plastics is increasing. Our choice to build factories in China also fully demonstrates our importance to the Chinese market. We will focus on automotive, medical equipment, construction manufacturing and other fields.

tenor epex, as a leading polymer material manufacturer in the world, launched "Neutral polymer" series products to meet their needs, covering all areas of our services, such as automotive, medical, consumer goods, electronics and electrical, cable, NSF regulation, packaging, construction manufacturing and industrial areas

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