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"Teknor apex Asia Pacific" is the new name of a leading plastic compounding manufacturer serving Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

this time, it was renamed as a large and diversified compounding manufacturer to create a single brand.

Singapore, May 3, 2011: teknor apex today announced that it would name the leading plastic compounding plant serving the vast region from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand as teknor apex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

teknor apex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd replaces Singapore polymer Corporation (SPC). SPC, an international company established in Singapore, was acquired by teknor apex in 2001 when one gasket could be replaced. The sister company teknor apex established in China, Suzhou advanced polymer compounds Co. Ltd., has adopted the name teknor apex. Stanley L.K. Tan was the general manager of the two companies in 2010

stanley L.K. Tan, general manager of teknor apex Asia Pacific

teknor apex Asia Pacific headquarters facility in Singapore

tan introduced: "The merger of all our teknor apex companies marks the successful conclusion of the ten-year integration process. In fact, this is not only the unification of the name, but also the birth of a company. Now we have unified standards, product designations, business practices and regulatory approval processes. Therefore, whether our customers are from Saudi Arabia, India, China or Australia, we guarantee that they can Working with a single agency. "

at the 2011 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, teknor apex Asia Pacific, originally registered under the name of SPC, will participate in the exhibition under its new name (Booth No.: 10.2a11). In addition to the company's new name, this exhibition also has another highlight. To solve this problem, it is necessary to ensure that the product has a high enough alternating structure. Sarlink thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (TPV) elastomer business unit has made its first appearance at the exhibition since it was acquired by teknor apex in November. Sarlink compound enjoys a high reputation in the Asian automobile market and is directly sold by the office set up in Shanghai

products produced in Singapore and China can serve the entire Asian market.

according to Mr. Tan, teknor apex Asia Pacific is one of the leading manufacturers of customized composite materials in the region, providing the widest range of products, including hard and soft polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic elastomer, nylon, filled polyolefin, conductive composite, black-and-white masterbatch and commissioned composite materials. In addition to a variety of products developed by SPC since its establishment in 1969, teknor apex Asia Pacific also provides thousands of compound materials developed by teknor apex in the United States, which comply with Western specifications and standards

in 2004, SPC moved its entire complex business to a new plant site in Singapore, which not only includes a number of production lines with a total annual output of more than 50000 tons, but also has complete technical services, laboratories and product development facilities

teknor apex opened a new factory in Suzhou in 2007, which has taken an important step in serving the Asian market by collecting and replacing the content of the previous time. At present, this plant produces PVC compounds for the Chinese market, and is expected to produce other types of compounds such as TPE

teknor apex Asia Pacific has sales offices in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and China. China offices are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen. According to Mr. Tan, the company plans to set up sales offices in India, Japan and Taiwan

teknor apex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of teknor apex, is a leading supplier of thermoplastic compound and color masterbatch in the Asia Pacific region. Teknor apex Asia Pacific was founded in 1969, formerly known as Singapore polymer company. At present, it has set up a compound production plant in Singapore and a sister company in China - teknor apex Suzhou advanced polymer compound company. The company is headquartered at 41 Shipyard Road, Singapore 628134.: Fax: Email: ginfo@. Please visit the company website:

Founded in 1924, teknor apex is a non listed company. Its headquarters are located in putakit, Rhode Island, the United States. It has 12 manufacturing plants in the United States and abroad, and its products are sold in 90 countries. Please visit the company's website for the features of the manufacturer's metal shear testing machine:

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