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Tektronix has made a breakthrough in innovation and launched a revolutionary new oscilloscope category, the world's first mixed domain oscilloscope, which integrates oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions in one instrument to provide time-related analog, digital and RF signal observation. Beijing, China, August 31, 2011 - Tektronix, the leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market, recently announced that it had launched the world's first mixed domain oscilloscope (MDO), Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions are provided in one instrument at the same time. The new mdo4000 mixed domain oscilloscope series helps engineers capture time-related analog, digital and RF signals, obtain complete system level observations, and help them quickly solve complex design problems

more than 60% of oscilloscope users also use spectrum analyzer to solve the design problem of embedded system with wireless function, which requires them to work in both time domain and frequency domain. Usually, an engineer is either a mixed signal/Digital Signal Engineer or a radio frequency (RF) signal engineer. However, with the increasing popularity of wireless technology, design engineers must deal with these two areas at the same time. Mdo4000 mixed domain oscillograph series is the first oscillograph in the world that combines the function of spectrum analyzer. It provides a unique tool set, which can help the project to measure some small workpieces. For example, the screwdriver can save days or even weeks of debugging time

Roy Siegel, general manager of oscillograph of Tektronix, said: we believe that mdo4000 series is the most revolutionary product in the oscillograph market in recent 20 years. It has broken through the barrier between time domain and frequency domain for the first time. It fundamentally changes the RF design and debugging. During RF design and commissioning, engineers need to correlate the events in the frequency domain with the time-domain phenomena that cause these events. Just as mixed signal oscillograph (MSO) is a standard tool for embedded design and testing, we expect mixed domain oscillograph to become an increasing new standard with RF function design

ward Ramsdell, the owner of prototype engineering and electrical engineer, said: the complexity of debugging modern wireless system problems and the lack of relevant equipment make us have to spend a lot of time on testing settings rather than designing the problems themselves. Based on our previous experience in using MDO series, we believe that these oscilloscopes will help us deliver our design to our customers faster and carry out more comprehensive verification of the system, especially the function of adopting insulation board. This is because for the first time, we can observe multiple points in a design at the same time to view the analog, digital and RF aspects of the system, which helps us quickly find design problems and better understand the performance of the system at a higher level. MDO mixed domain oscilloscope is a revolution in the field of test equipment, which will completely change our working mode

advantages of mixed domain oscilloscope

with mdo4000, engineers can replace oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer with one instrument. This enables them to continue to use their familiar oscilloscope to observe the frequency domain without looking for and relearning the spectrum analyzer

at the same time, mdo4000 goes far beyond the functions of traditional spectrum analyzer, allowing users to capture time-dependent analog, digital and RF signals on 4 analog, 16 digital and 1 RF channel. The RF input frequency range is up to 6 GHz and provides a 1 GHz capture bandwidth at all center frequencies, 100 times higher than a typical spectrum analyzer. Users can even see up to four decoded serial and/or parallel buses at a time on the same display. Due to the realization of time-dependent multi domain display, engineers can now carry out accurate timing measurement to understand the time domain command/control events in their design to the delay between various types of experimental machines in the experimental machine industry and the change caused by the delay in the frequency domain. For example, it is now very easy to observe the vco/pll startup process or measure the transition characteristics of the frequency hopping RF signal. In addition, since the MDO market competitiveness can be further improved by 4000 to provide complete system level observations related to time domain and frequency domain, it is easier than ever to find intermittent EMI noise and EMI noise caused by component status, which is beyond the power of other test equipment at present

in another industry initiative, mdo4000 allows engineers to observe the RF spectrum of signals at any time during a long acquisition to understand the changes of the spectrum with time or component status. By fully applying the unique and patent pending spectrum time technology to time domain acquisition, engineers can observe the RF spectrum at any time during acquisition, and observe the situation of its analog, digital and/or decoded buses at the same time. Similarly, the RF time domain trace is used to display the change of the amplitude, frequency or phase of the RF input signal with time. This makes it easier to characterize FM, setup time, and other RF event times related to system components and activities. The RF time domain trace is displayed in the same window with the analog, digital and serial/parallel bus decoding waveforms, so that the working conditions of the devices can be observed immediately

in addition to the standard RF power level trigger, the optional module (mdo4trig) also supports other trigger types based on the RF power level, enabling customers to further isolate RF events. The user can trigger according to the specific pulse width, or look for timeout events or under amplitude pulses, and even include the RF input in the logic mode defined with the analog and digital channels. The mdo4000 allows triggering according to any condition set by the user without being affected by the analog, digital, RF or any combination of the signal. It is also the first in the industry

Some application examples of MDO mixed domain oscilloscope series include:

system level debugging supporting wireless function design

1 Debug the integration of universal wireless modules (WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.) with frequencies lower than 6 GHz

2 Debug the general local am, FM or PM wireless communication

3 Broadband analysis of dual band transceivers. For example, the ZigBee signal of 900 MHz and the Bluetooth signal of 2.4 GHz are simultaneously captured in one acquisition

timing analysis designed for mixed domain

1 Observe the change of vco/pll startup spectrum with time

2 It is easy to measure the stabilization time when the RF signal is turned on or off

3. Easily determine the time delay from control logic signal or serial bus command to relevant RF change

track the source of noise or interference

1 Analyze the root cause of radiation or coupling emission

2 Measure the impact of switching mode power supply on the rest of the system

3 Time domain correlation signals help to analyze the root causes of suspected noise sources

in addition to the industry's first mixed domain function, mdo4000 also provides all the multi-functional tools of Tektronix mso4000b mixed signal oscilloscope series and the functions of mainstream spectrum analyzers. Mso4000b series products provide a powerful feature set to speed up each stage of design and debugging, from quickly finding exceptions to capturing them, to searching for waveform records of events and analyzing their characteristics and device behavior

the story behind the invention

this major breakthrough in the field of oscilloscope technology is the result of years of research and development by tech, which has successfully overcome the problem of integrating time domain and frequency domain into one instrument. During the R & D process, tech has filed 26 patent applications, which are currently under review. For more information, please watch the video about the story behind the mdo4000 invention and read the relevant white paper

supply information

mdo4000 series mixed domain oscilloscope will be supplied globally from August, 2011

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