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Technology research and development has become a "soft rib" in the competition of fastener enterprises.

according to the survey, China's top 500 fastener enterprises with the most growth rarely rely on core technology to grow, which is the soft rib of Chinese enterprises. Among the top 500 enterprises, most of them rely on cheap, low-cost and economies of scale to grow. In the context of global competition, can our resource monopoly advantage rival the core technology advantage of multinational corporations? Can our cost advantage rival the brand advantage of multinational companies' products? Can we survive better and use cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the base? The remarkable development speed of China's fasteners not only surprised the developed countries, but also allowed them to find a new large market, which was penetrated by multinational companies. Therefore, when domestic enterprises suddenly feel that it is so difficult to survive in the market, looking around, there are strong competitors everywhere

on the whole, compared with the special equipment of advanced industrial countries, the anti-dumping cases of equipment manufacturing enterprises in China are gradually emerging, and once the enterprises lose the lawsuit, it has the unique discrimination of lightweight design. The extremely high anti-dumping tax rate will make the cost price advantage of Chinese products lost

technology R & D is now recognized as a competitive "weak power instigates the light to go off; unplug PolyOne's 10 points of emphasis on organic material power sockets". It has become an obvious fact for multinational companies to take it as a "sharp weapon" to make their own business long. However, whether it can be grasped by domestic enterprises and become a "sharp weapon" is obviously too early to answer positively. Up to now, there are still many enterprises who shout that "independent research and development" is very important, but refuse to increase investment in technology research and development, making "R & D and enterprise revitalization" an empty word

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