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"Teflon carcinogenic" incident affected Taiwan

the "Teflon carcinogenic" incident affected Taiwan

January 21, 2005

due to the report of the United States Environmental Protection Agency on the possible carcinogenicity of "perfluorooctanoic acid ammonium", this report aroused concern in Taiwan on the 20th, and Taiwan officials did not eliminate and control this coating

the report shows that the non stick pot produced by DuPont company uses "TEFLON" paint, which contains a carcinogen of "ammonium perfluorooctanoate", which will cause tumors in the liver of mice

the non stick pan produced by DuPont, an American chemical manufacturer, was detected by the US Environmental Protection Agency that the Teflon coating used on the pan contains carcinogens. According to the preliminary investigation report, there is evidence that the "ammonium perfluorooctanoate" contained in the Teflon coating can cause swelling in the liver of rats. This report is not appropriate to continue to adopt polyurea waterproof layer, which attracted attention in Taiwan on the 20th, and more mainstream newspapers reported at large

wujiacheng, a professor of the Institute of antifreeze in the Department of chemistry of Taiwan Normal University, said that improper use would have an impact on the human body. Animal experiments have confirmed that it would be carcinogenic to rats

"TEFLON" is DuPont's patented coating, which has excellent anti sticking and waterproof effects. DuPont has covered the pot material suppliers and equipment manufacturers with Teflon coating, becoming the so-called "non sticking pot". The chemical substance "ammonium perfluorooctanoate", which has been questioned by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a possible carcinogen, is an additive in the process of manufacturing Teflon

wujiacheng, a professor in the Department of chemistry of Taiwan Normal University, believes that Teflon itself is not toxic. It is the gas produced after heating. Generally, the temperature should not exceed 320 degrees. However, if it is dry burned, it will exceed 700 degrees in a few minutes

experts say that when the pot is dry and there is no water, food should be added immediately to reduce the possibility of cancer. At present, DuPont's Teflon related products account for nearly half of the market in Taiwan. Taiwan officials said that they would not rule out the inclusion of "perfluorooctanoic acid ammonia" as an additive in the controlled poisons

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