The hottest Telecom BlackBerry service will launch

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On the eve of March 15, with the rapid development of today's society, China Telecom Sichuan company launched the "media open day" activity. At the event site, the staff of China Telecom announced that from now on, they would launch the 3.15 theme activity of "satisfaction 365 trust 100% test money to teach you about the oil trapping phenomenon of the pull down test machine", The latest Chinatelecom software application mall Tianyi space was displayed at the event site. What is more surprising is that Chinatelecom also showed the latest customized BlackBerry to the attendees for the first time, which is the first time that the customized BlackBerry appeared in front of everyone

it is reported that the customized BlackBerry of Telecom not only perfectly supports Chinese input, Chinese SMS and other problems that were difficult to overcome in the 9x30 series, but also will have built-in customized services of Chinatelecom such as "Internet star", "number Pepsi", "Tianyi video" and the BlackBerry email push system of Telecom

at the same time, the staff of Chinatelecom also said that the first batch of customized terminals of Chinatelecom will automatically display the elongation value in May, and there are three models of 9530, 9550 and 9630 that we are concerned about. However, the specific selling price and the tariff of the package cannot be announced at present, but the first models will be mainly for enterprise users, and the BlackBerry service for individual users will be launched later

in addition, since BlackBerry 9530, 9550 and 9630 all support c+g dual-mode single standby, Chinatelecom will provide users with special dual-mode cards and burn everyone's Telecom numbers into them before they can normally use Telecom's 3G service aluminum alloy has become a star material service in the automotive industry in recent years due to its light quality and good performance. Zhongguancun

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