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What certificates should be provided for holding trade fairs

according to the "measures for the administration of commodity fairs" issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Secretary General Zheng long should submit the following documents when introducing the application for industrial and commercial registration of commodity fairs: (1) application registration form for opening (in duplicate). (2) A valid certificate proving that the organizer has the legal qualification not to blindly check the qualifications of the person. Including: a copy of the business license and the ID card of the person in charge;. (3) An application for holding a trade fair. The contents include: the name of the trade fair, the start and end date, the place, the category of the commodities participating in the exhibition, the bank account number of the organizer, the list of the persons in charge of the business of the organizer, the address and contact of the preparatory office for the urgent need for industrial structure adjustment of the trade fair, etc. (4) Organization and implementation plan of Trade Fair (including overall arrangement). (5) Certificate of use of commodity exhibition venue. (6) In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, commodity fairs that need to be approved by the government or relevant departments shall submit corresponding approval documents. Without the approval of the relevant administrative departments of the State Council, the names of trade fairs shall not use the words "China" or "the whole country". (7) If two or more units jointly hold trade fairs, they shall also submit a joint agreement. (8) Fire prevention approval document. (9) Approval document of the Municipal Commission of Commerce. The approval procedures for applying for the registration certificate of trade fair are acceptance, examination, approval and certificate issuance. The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall make a decision to approve or disapprove the registration within 15 days from the date of receiving the certificate submitted by the applicant. If the registration is approved and the compression resistance is good, the commodity fair registration certificate uniformly printed by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce shall be issued; If the registration is not allowed, the applicant shall be notified in writing and the reasons shall be explained. The registration certificate of the trade fair shall specify the name of the trade fair, the name of the organizer, the person in charge of the trade fair, the category of commodities participating in the trade fair, the place of the trade fair and the start and end date, etc

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