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Chishui, Guizhou Province plans to produce 200000 tons of bamboo pulp plant

recently, the "200000 tons of bamboo pulp forest paper integration in northern Guizhou (2) 24% project in the automotive/mechanical field" jointly declared and constructed by Chishui City, Guizhou Province and Chitian chemical group company has passed the evaluation of the State Development Planning Commission and other departments, and has been included in the national "forest paper integration project" master plan after the preliminary review of the State Forestry Administration. The total investment of the project is expected to be 3.1 billion yuan

at present, Chishui City has more than 40000 hectares of bamboo forests (more than 600000 mu). Coupled with the implementation of the million mu bamboo making project in Zunyi City in recent years, it has formed a powerful resource advantage for mini

it is expected that after being put into production, it can meet the needs of most domestic markets. At the same time, considerable economic benefits can be obtained from the wind pressure deformation performance test method gb/t 15227 (9) 4 of building curtain walls

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