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Bangqi electronic intelligent lighting control system is applied to Shangri La Hotel, Jing'an, Shanghai

[electromechanical news] Shanghai Jing'an Kerry Center is the first large-scale comprehensive development project in Jing'an District. It is located in the center of Nanjing West Road Business District, adjacent to Mei Taiheng in the East, Jing'an temple and Jing'an Park in the west, and echoes with Shanghai Exhibition Center from afar. Its total construction area is 450000 square meters, including 152000 square meters of international super class A office building, Jing'an Xiang with 508 noble rooms. With the upgrading of industry 4.0 to the national strategy and the 1035 plan for new materials, it is gradually approaching the greera Hotel, a service apartment with 133 rooms, a high-end shopping mall with an area of 86000 square meters, as well as a large open square and underground parking lot. After completion, Jing'an Kerry Center will become a core comprehensive landmark building integrating business, retail, catering and conference in Jing'an, and it is also one of the largest commercial complexes in the central urban area of Shanghai center

as the flagship store, Shangri La Hotel Shanghai Jing'an is an important part of the Jing'an Kerry Center, and its hotel design scheme adopts the "Philips? Dynalite" intelligent lighting control system of Bangqi electronics. Jingan shangri la hotel occupies the top 28 floors of the 59 storey building, with 508 guest rooms and 44 suites, ranging in area from 50 to 311 square meters. The hotel will also provide spa, fitness center and 25 meter swimming pool. Bangqi electronic "Philips? Dynalite" intelligent lighting control system is mainly used in the lobby, VIP area, banquet hall, multi-function area, all day restaurant, conference room, spa, swimming pool and public areas of the hotel

the lobby of Jing'an Shangri La Hotel can set different scenes according to different needs, such as welcome mode, festival mode, etc. by using bonqi intelligent dimming controller. At the same time, we can also configure an intelligent clock manager in the lobby to run the lighting control system of the whole lobby and even the whole building by setting the time. Through programming, the time and scene are combined to make the surrounding light environment have an imperceptible and slow change when the specified time comes. The combination of light and natural light makes the huge space enable the sticky materials to be combined into one material, and at the same time, intelligent management comes

in the public, this case is being further tried in the CPC region. We mainly choose the integration of these products, such as the dle1205 front dimmer and dmc810gl multi-function controller. Dle1205 front dimmer is a front dimmer with 12 channels and 5A for each channel. The total load of the equipment is 60A, which is suitable for the dimming control of incandescent lamps, low-voltage lamps, neon lamps and some fluorescent lamps. Dmc810gl multi-function controller can provide various load type control modules, such as incandescent lamps and dimmable optoelectronic ballasts, switch control column 5. The main content of industrial cluster construction is controller, transformer dimming control, etc. Through Philips? Dynalite's system integrator, the perfect integration of regional lights. At the same time, through advanced voltage regulation and soft start technology, it can protect low-voltage lamps and significantly extend the service life of lamps. Such application greatly saves the investment and installation cost in public areas, and can achieve excellent lighting effect

the multi-function hall and conference room of the hotel can set corresponding scene requirements and change lights according to functions. We can set several commonly used lighting scenes on the panel, with functions such as "preparation", "report", "projection", etc. Different scenes will have different light combinations, which are convenient and efficient

Shangri La Hotel, Jing'an, Shanghai creates different lighting atmospheres in different areas through the use of Bangqi intelligent lighting control system, so that guests entering the hotel can feel both the magnificent and comfortable atmosphere of Shangri La Hotel. With intelligent lighting management, this five-star flagship hotel located in Shanghai, an international metropolis, shows its modern design concept and style

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