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Bank enterprise docking to support domestic key and advantageous photovoltaic enterprises

under the background of the delay in the start-up of photovoltaic power generation in China and the intensification of the impact of "double anti" in Europe and the United States, "other rescue" and "self rescue" have become popular keywords in China's photovoltaic industry. Recently, state-owned capital from Shandong and Jiangxi have successively set foot in the capital restructuring plans of Dongying photovoltaic and LDK

recently, media reports said that representatives of four ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce, the national energy administration, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology and 36 banking institutions held a "secret meeting" in Baoding, Hebei Province to discuss "protecting the large and discarding the small" for photovoltaic enterprises. This newspaper learned from Hebei Yingli group that this is actually a meeting for Yingli to strive for policy and bank support on behalf of the photovoltaic industry. A spokesman for Hebei Jinglong group said that through the bank enterprise connection, banks' confidence in photovoltaic enterprises has increased, but they still face the difficulty of "implementation" to obtain new loans

it is noted that Yingli and Jinglong, as the "twin" enterprises in Hebei, a major photovoltaic Province in China, have issued a call to "support domestic key advantageous enterprises"

Yingli: the "Baoding meeting"

Yingli group's relevant personnel confirmed that the "Baoding secret meeting" referred to in the media was actually the "exchange meeting on accelerating the development of national strategic emerging industries by taking advantage of the east wind of the 18th CPC National Congress" hosted by Baoding Municipal government and co hosted by Baoding National High tech Industrial Development Zone and Yingli group. The meeting was held at Baoding diangu International Hotel on October 25. More than 200 representatives from the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national energy administration, photovoltaic industry associations and financial institutions attended the meeting

the participants jointly discussed and exchanged the current situation and development prospects of the photovoltaic industry driven by the national favorable policies. From the perspective of the main organic sheets have been processed, the government, finance and industry sought guidance to support the healthy development of China's photovoltaic industry. However, no matter which method, its standard configuration and adopted standards are generally the same way to deal with, interpret policies, study countermeasures, forge consensus, and jointly promote development

"I think after this communication, the government and banks have more confidence in this industry. In turn, they have successively issued some favorable policies, which also encourage the confidence of photovoltaic enterprises. This two-way interaction is the biggest highlight of this communication." The relevant person in charge of Yingli group told

in the severe winter of the global photovoltaic industry, Yingli jumped to become the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. Yingli does not want the outside world to interpret the meeting attended by the national ministries and commissions as a meeting to "support Yingli to become bigger", but obviously, Yingli, as the host of the meeting, is the biggest winner of this political and business communication

at the meeting, Miao Liansheng, the head of Yingli, invested 300-500 million yuan to build an intelligent factory, said that as a leading enterprise in the photovoltaic industry, Yingli is willing to work with the majority of enterprises committed to promoting the process of China's photovoltaic industry to continuously improve the efficiency of battery conversion through continuous technological innovation, continuously reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, and jointly promote the parity of solar photovoltaic power generation

we learned from Yingli that at present, Yingli group is in full production with its complete industrial chain, technology, cost and brand advantages. The shipment volume in the first three quarters of this year reached 1.6 GW, and it is estimated that the annual shipment volume in 2012 will be 2 2 gigawatts, which will become the "annual leader" of the global photovoltaic industry

Bank of China Hebei Branch, Bank of communications Hebei Branch, Export Import Bank of China Beijing Branch and other banks also participated in the communication meeting. Many bank executives said that the photovoltaic industry will be healthier after the survival of the fittest. Yingli, as a leading enterprise, is full of confidence in its future cooperation

Jinglong: call for support for key enterprises

for another photovoltaic giant in Hebei, Jinglong group (and its subsidiary Jingao solar), it has become a top priority to strive for bank support in credit

duantonggang, the spokesman of Jinglong group, admitted to: "the current plight of the photovoltaic industry is still serious." As for Jinglong itself, the operating rate of silicon wafer business remains at about 80%, and the business of external processing has increased

at the end of September, Jinglong group held a symposium on strategic cooperation between banks and enterprises in Ningjin headquarters. Relevant principals from more than 20 units including Bank of China Hebei Branch, industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hebei Branch, China Construction Bank Hebei Branch, Bank of communications Shijiazhuang branch and Bank of Hebei attended, and more than 50 people including jinbaofang, chairman and general manager of Jinglong group and heads of relevant departments attended

at the meeting, the heads of the participating banks said that this meeting has given us a deeper understanding of the current situation of Jinglong and strengthened our confidence in bank enterprise cooperation. We will continue to do a good job in various financial services and tide over the difficulties with Jinglong

Jin Baofang, the head of Jinglong and Jingao, said that at the most difficult time when the photovoltaic industry is in crisis, major banks and credit unions have never abandoned Jinglong, which fully shows their strong support and firm confidence in Jinglong group

Duan Tonggang said that this meeting has achieved positive results in promoting the cooperation between Jinglong and banks, but Jinglong still needs to wait for the "substantive implementation" of the new loan

Duan Tonggang admitted that banks are for-profit enterprises, and the reality of the photovoltaic industry is bound to make banks more cautious when considering lending. He called on the government to give policy and financial support to key photovoltaic enterprises

positive: golden sun project will expand

at the above Baoding exchange meeting, officials of various ministries and commissions interpreted the recent national policies to support the photovoltaic industry. Li Cheng, deputy director of the Department of economic construction of the Ministry of finance, said that the Ministry of finance would further expand the scale of the golden sun demonstration project and expand the application of power generation by adopting the "point, line and surface" method. "Point" includes industrial parks and enterprise applications, "line" is to encourage the use of photovoltaic in education, health and other systems, "surface" is to implement the golden sun project in Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other areas without electricity

Qiao Yueshan, director of the electronic infrastructure department of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that in the face of the current difficulties of the photovoltaic industry, we should not only strengthen guidance and norms, curb blind expansion, but also expand the market and invest in power generation applications; We should not only support the survival of the fittest, but also support key enterprises. Zhonghua glass () Department

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