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Chenzhu instrument appeared in the 21st multinational Instrument Exhibition with new products, such as the sample of medical rubber gloves. From September 6 to 9, 0, the 21st multinational Instrument Exhibition was held in Beijing National Convention Center

Shanghai chenzhu Instrument Co., Ltd., as the main manufacturer of safety electronic interface modules in the automation industry, exhibited four series of products, including safety barriers, isolators, surge protectors and temperature transmitters, with the theme of focusing on after-sales service and automatic control system safety. At the same time, it introduced technologically innovative ultra-thin barriers and high-performance power transmission and monitoring products, It has been widely concerned by Chinese and foreign users and peers

wonderful moments of exhibition style

new products, new highlights

new generation of innovative isolation safety barriers:

1) authoritative certification: obtained China nepsi, international IECEx, SIL, ATEX certification

2) ultra thin design: the thickness is only 12.5mm, which can save 45% of the installation space.

3) advanced isolation technology: PCB type transformer, non winding design, higher reliability

4) low power design: the unique energy coupling technology is adopted to maximize the energy conversion efficiency, and the energy consumption is 30% lower than that of similar products, saving users' long-term use energy consumption

5) convenient configuration: Mini USB configuration interface, which meets the configuration function of FDT standard

power transmission and monitoring module:

1) it can monitor a variety of faults: undervoltage, overvoltage, imbalance, abnormal phase sequence, current over limit, etc.

2) alarm mode is optional: the high limit alarm, low limit alarm, window alarm, etc. can be freely selected by toggling the switch

3) various signal output modes: Ma and ma current can be output; 5. V, V, 5V, 10V voltage; Suitable for various i/o modules

4) convenient parameter setting: the front panel is designed with a special potentiometer, which can adjust the high stress concentration formed by detection and alarm, which may cause the sample to be locally sheared or crushed, the alarm threshold, alarm time, etc.

5) convenient installation: use the standard 35mm guide rail most commonly used on the industrial control site for installation

6) reliable isolation: if the isolation voltage exceeds 2500V, there is no need to worry about the high-voltage signal jumping into and damaging the i/o module

profits and taxes of 1.54 billion yuan

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