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Bamboo packaging: environmental protection, rich resources and huge market

with the increasing consumption rate of tableware in China, most of the existing disposable tableware have environmental pollution problems to the environment. Therefore, bamboo green tableware or food packaging containers with environmental protection functions will usher in a bright and beautiful sales prospect

as we all know, China is rich in bamboo resources, which grow rapidly and become useful in four seasons. If bamboo is used to produce tableware or food packaging containers, it can not only ensure that there is no worry about the supply of raw materials, but also that bamboo tableware or food packaging containers are pollution-free in the process of production and use, which is conducive to environmental protection. At the same time, tableware or food packaging containers made of bamboo materials also retain the unique natural fragrance, simple tone and hardness and softness of bamboo, which is unmatched by products made of other materials after 60 years of development

at present, the research and development and production of bamboo tableware or food packaging containers in China are still in their infancy. Once people of insight seize this great opportunity, they will surely win unlimited business opportunities

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