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Banana preservation method

according to the previous research results, during the sealed storage of banana packaging, its physiological indicators are respiratory intensity less than 80 mg carbon dioxide =/kg/h, starch content not less than 9%, and soluble sugar content less than 2%; The concentration of carbon dioxide in the packaging bag is%, oxygen is not less than 1%, and ethylene is less than 1ppm

bananas can be stored for a long time at room temperature after being treated with preservative and then sealed in film bags. After storage, bananas are normally ripened, especially under sea conditions, with high humidity and unique flavor of bananas

banana preservation is mainly related to pathological and physiological factors. In addition, it is also affected by a series of factors, such as variety, cultivation and management, harvesting, packaging, transportation and so on. It is a multi link and multi factor comprehensive technical problem. Therefore, to do a good job in the preservation and preservation of bananas, we need the full cooperation of multiple disciplines and departments and the comprehensive utilization of multiple means. Now combined with the experience of predecessors and their own views, the following methods are proposed for reference only

is the last sudden fracture. 1. The preservation work must start from the pre harvest

do a good job in the fertilizer and water management in the field. Do a good job in pest control in the field. Select the appropriate harvest time and adopt the correct harvest method to harvest in time without injury

2. Distinguish the etiology, choose the right preservatives, and eliminate the diseases carried by banana fruits. Some common machinery and equipment such as transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying of fluids and solids

3. Cultivate plants with strong disease resistance

4. Reduce respiratory intensity, delay the transformation of carbohydrates, maintain the humidity of fruit comb, prevent water loss of fruit fingers, and maintain the freshness and quality of bananas

treat with preservative, combine with plastic bag packaging and sealing, and use the function of automatic air conditioning to maintain a certain concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the bag, reduce the respiratory rate, control the production of ethylene or reduce the release of ethylene

use low temperature and controlled atmosphere for storage. It is an effective method to precooling bananas to the required temperature and then put them into silicon windows, silicon tents, or controlled atmosphere machines and controlled atmosphere warehouses made of silicone rubber films for controlled atmosphere storage

vacuum infiltration with 0.05mol/l and 0.1mol/l calcium chloride solution can delay the climacteric respiratory peak. (the reason is that calcium treatment can increase the level of extracellular calcium, compensate for the loss of calcium in the cell wall area, and maintain and regulate the structure and function of cell wall and cell membrane. Calcium treatment may also reduce ethylene production or tissue sensitivity to ethylene, thereby delaying ethylene promoted respiratory jump.)

plant growth regulators such as gibberellin (GA) and kinetin were used to regulate the ripening of bananas

5. Breeding new varieties with low enzyme synthesis related to ripening to slow down the changes and losses of fruits after harvest. According to the previous research results, the content of phosphatase is the key to the ripening of bananas. Therefore, a new banana line with low phosphatase content was developed by using genetic engineering technology to control fruit ripening

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