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The ban on plastic bags in Los Angeles was implemented in 2014

from January 1, 2014, large retailers in Los Angeles will be prohibited from providing plastic bags to customers

in Los Angeles, the correct application method of the clamp of the tensile testing machine with a short clamping length should be to cover the pressure plate Shanji. All stores that cover an area of more than 929 square meters or have an annual sales of more than 2million US dollars cannot distribute plastic shopping bags to customers, and paper bags also need to be taxed, with a tax of 10 cents/piece

from July 2014, small shops will also be prohibited from distributing plastic bags

Los Angeles is the last city in California to implement the plastic bag ban. Before that, nearly 90 towns and counties in the state had passed the plastic bag ban

Paul krekorian, a Los Angeles senator who is a supporter of the plastic bag ban, said in an interview in Los Angeles: "I think we can see that all parts of the world are trying to reduce the use of disposable products such as plastic bags."

"we only used it for 15 minutes, and then these plastic bags will take hundreds of years to degrade. In the United States, the amount of plastic bags per hour is about 200000."

"Los Angeles needs to spend millions of dollars to deal with the damage caused by plastic bags, such as garbage, pipe blockage, water pollution, etc. we shouldn't waste money, we can use it elsewhere."

the U.S. plastic industry has also questioned the scientificity of the ban on plastic bags, but the result is often that consumers turn to reuse plastic bags and the decline in sales of tax paper bags

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