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Banbu reached strategic cooperation with Tongcheng life and focus media to build a super traffic closed loop

release date: Source: banbu Babo

on October 22, banbu successfully held a tripartite strategic cooperation conference with Tongcheng life and focus media in Suzhou. The three parties announced that they had reached a long-term strategic cooperation and would invest their own advantageous resources in the future, aiming to create a new business ecosystem and build a "super flow closed loop"

Shen Genlian, the founder and chairman of Huanlong group, Li Congfeng, the CEO of banbu, Wu Zhixiang, the chairman of Tongcheng group, he Pengyu, the founder and chairman of Tongcheng life, Jiang nanchun, the founder and chairman of focus media, and song Xiaomei, the managing partner of focus media. This material can drive the flight under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight, and so on

said Shen Genlian, founder and chairman of Huanlong group "Banbu is the only enterprise whose brand operation links the whole industrial chain from bamboo planting, procurement, pulp and paper production and transportation. Relying on the 2.8 million mu bamboo forest in Sichuan, we have guaranteed the quality of products from the source. Banbu adheres to the concept of sustainable development and insists on providing you with a piece of safe, natural and natural household paper through a healthy and environmentally friendly production method. As a rapidly growing domestic consumption The e-commerce platform, in cooperation with time display and computer display, helps banbu develop the community direct purchase mode and directly deliver natural, healthy and environmental friendly products to consumers. "

go back to the source and focus on the essence of business

at the meeting, he Pengyu, founder and chairman of Tongcheng life, said, "Tracing the source is the core advantage of Tongcheng life, which is different from all other e-commerce companies. Only by directly linking high-quality places of origin and goods with end consumers, and removing intermediate links, can we significantly reduce circulation costs, optimize circulation efficiency, and achieve high-quality and low-cost products! We hope to cooperate with more and more high-quality brands that can also save the results on computers to facilitate the production of reports, which is really practical Current platform value! "

break the tradition and rebuild the "super traffic closed loop"

in mid October, banbu joined hands with Tongcheng life online focus media to jointly launch elevator frame media in tens of thousands of communities in 22 key cities across the country. On October 20, the gold medal head of Tongcheng life in East China entered banbu Anzhou base for a traceability trip and special live broadcast. In line with the full flow inclination of the brand zone, banbu's one-day sales volume in Tongcheng life has exceeded the full month sales volume in September

this strategic level cooperation has quickly attracted widespread attention in the industry. At a time when mobile e-commerce and new retail have become the norm, how to realize the symbiosis and win-win of new e-commerce platforms, traditional brands and channels has become the focus of the transformation of the whole industry

banbu CEO Li Congfeng said that in recent years, banbu has continued to exert its brand potential, and has worked with focus media to trigger a yellow storm in elevator buildings across the country. In May this year, banbu and focus media reached a "hundred cities strategy" cooperation, which continues to detonate the brand effect. This strategic cooperation with Tongcheng life, focus media and the three parties will surely make banbu's brand communication effect more popular

at the meeting, Jiang nanchun, founder and chairman of focus media, was the platform for the innovative mode of the three parties in the revolution of business scenes and the long-term realization of traffic. He believed that the community elevator was the media closest to consumers. The cooperation between banbu and Tongcheng life would set a benchmark for community e-commerce cooperation, This "super flow closed loop" will bring about the complete upgrading of the entire business ecosystem! In the future, focus will tilt resources towards strategic partners such as banbu to achieve a win-win situation among the three parties

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