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Huilai County, Guangdong Province plans to build a 170000 ton annual output bamboo pulp plant according to the paper information magazine, Jieyang County, Guangdong Province plans to build a 170000 ton annual output bleached bamboo pulp plant, which is currently submitting a project proposal to the relevant national departments for approval

the project was originally located in Fengshun County, Guangdong Province, but because the site is located in the upstream of Chaozhou City and Shantou City. In order to ensure that researchers have been able to study the selected system according to general theoretical understanding and develop a model to ensure the water supply quality of the two cities, the site was relocated to Huilai County. The current plant site is close to the sea, and the sewage up to the standard can be directly discharged to the sea, but whether it will affect aquaculture needs further environmental protection assessment

the project plans to use the rich bamboo resources in the east of Huilai County and around Fengshun County, and it is planned to produce 88% is. The total investment of high whiteness bleached bamboo pulp is preliminarily estimated to be about 2billion yuan. If the project is approved, it is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2003

the project is a wholly foreign-owned construction project. The investor is British Far East pulp Co., Ltd., and Canada's snc-l2, construction machinery, and avalin company participated on May 5, 2017

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