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Bamboo fiber wind power blades hide high technology

the new energy industry has sprung up. In Lianyungang, the east bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, the Ministry of industry and information technology's only national demonstration park for new energy technology innovation and achievement transformation has become one of the important manufacturing bases of wind power blades in the country. Among them, the enterprises represented by Zhongfu Lianzhong Composite Material Group Co., Ltd. have created the world's largest in new energy manufacturing, and wind energy, an inexhaustible energy, has brought a very large market space for this enterprise

simple blades hide high technology

entering the production plant of "Zhongfu Lianzhong", the fan blades placed on the open space on site are very spectacular. These leaves are huge, and the longest one is 62 meters long. To the layman, this blade seems very simple, but it is worth a lot of money. One blade is worth 1million yuan. A wind turbine needs three such blades. "Zhongfu Lianzhong" produces a 5 megawatt 62 meter blade that can automatically calculate the material's yield point, torsional strength, axial force and other performance parameters, which is the longest in the world

the relevant person in charge of "Zhongfu Lianzhong" said that after introducing blades from abroad in 2005, the company carried out technical research and development, and began to produce fan blades in 2006. In recent years, this wind power enterprise has achieved leapfrog development, from 1.25 MW to 5 MW in multi specification and high power, from 31 meters to 62 meters in product length, from glass fiber materials to renewable green environmental protection resources - raw materials of bamboo materials, and from China's first 1.5 MW 37.5 meter fan blade to 5 MW 62 meter fan blade five years ago, "Zhongfu Lianzhong" has realized the dream of "green gold"

it is understood that as early as 2007, the following information of "Zhongfu Lianzhong" was that the zigzag experimental machine comprehensively acquired noi blade company, the second largest wind turbine blade manufacturer in Germany. "It was the first time that Chinese wind power facility enterprises made overseas mergers and acquisitions. At that time, we were focused on the series blade production technology, experience and advanced raw material performance testing laboratory owned by noi." The relevant person in charge of "Zhongfu Lianzhong" said, "after acquiring the German company, it took only three years to achieve the first megawatt fan blade in the country." Since then, the application of carbon fiber in wind turbine blades can reduce the weight of each unit by 6 tons. At the same time, it can also increase the strength and toughness of the blades and greatly enhance the power generation

nowadays, the business scope of "Zhongfu Lianzhong" has gone from land to sea, from China to Europe and the United States, and has become the wind turbine blade manufacturer with the strongest R & D capacity, the largest production capacity and sales volume in China and the leader of new energy industry

wind power industry has greatly increased the value of bamboo

compared with traditional thermal power, what are the advantages of wind power? "As a new energy enterprise, we must follow the economic laws and truly grasp the market rules in order to survive in the long run. Due to the continuous rising trend of coal prices, the survival situation of the thermal power industry is difficult to change in the short term, so everyone is interested in wind power, so the market potential of wind power is very huge." The relevant person in charge of "Zhongfu Lianzhong" said

it is understood that wind power generation has become the most commercialized and competitive renewable energy in the world. The growth rate of China's wind power market has now ranked first in the world. According to experts, 20 polyurethane accounts for about 20% of automotive materials in many countries and regions. For 10 years, the total installed capacity of wind power in China is about 18million kW. By 2015, it is expected to reach 90million kW, requiring about 30000 sets of 1.5 MW wind turbines. There are huge business opportunities. China's wind power blade industry has entered a growth period, and industrial investment has increased rapidly

the current production scale and speed also confirmed the huge market of wind power. It is understood that "Zhongfu Lianzhong" produced only 100 leaves in 2006 and 7000 in 2010. In addition, the material of the blade has also been innovated, using recombinant bamboo as the main bearing component of the blade to realize the lightweight of the blade. According to experts, the development of bamboo leaves is to comply with the requirements of developing a low-carbon economy and use degradable recombinant bamboo for the production of leaves. As a natural material, bamboo is a green material for making fan blades. The development of bamboo leaves has turned bamboo into a high value-added product and promoted the application of bamboo as a high-performance structural material in various industries

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