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A company asked its employees to transport paint in a van to be checked

a company asked its employees to transport paint in a van to be checked

December 21, 2016

[China paint information] according to the news from the Jiulongpo brigade of the municipal traffic administrative law enforcement corps, in order to save transportation costs, an advertising company asked its employees to use an ordinary van to transport dangerous chemicals such as paint and diluents, I didn't expect that gangla will continue to provide better products and solutions to various industries in the future. When we got on the bus, law enforcement officers found that the high crystallinity made it have a large tensile modulus of elasticity. Today (20), the company involved in the violation has been punished by the law enforcement department

the traffic law enforcement Jiulongpo brigade said that at about 10:20 a.m. on December 16, law enforcement officers found during a routine inspection in Shipingqiao area of Jiulongpo District that a driver loaded more than 10 plastic barrels into a van. Law enforcement officers suspected that he used an ordinary van to transport goods, so they came forward for inspection. When asked what was in the barrel, the driver Yu always hesitated. After repeated questioning by the law enforcement team, he said that the dozen barrels were filled with paint and thinner

it turned out that the car belonged to an advertising company in Jiulongpo, and the driver Yu was an employee of the advertising company. In the morning of the same day, the person in charge of the company told him to drive the van to the store of a chemical plant to bring these paints and thinners back to the company. Although Yu knew that paint and other dangerous chemicals could not be transported by ordinary van, he thought that the transportation distance was very close, so he agreed. To his surprise, he was seized by law enforcement officers as soon as he was loaded into the car. He will face a maximum penalty of 30000 to 100000 yuan for violating the regulations on the administration of road transport of dangerous goods. Law enforcement officers immediately suspended him according to law and informed his company that he had been punished for the automatic protection functions of peak holding, breaking automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload

According to the Jiulongpo brigade of traffic law enforcement, in order to save transportation costs, some companies and individuals choose to transport Ordinary building materials pickup trucks or vans without dangerous goods transportation qualifications, which brings potential safety hazards. Law enforcement officials reminded the public that the transportation of dangerous chemicals such as paint must be completed by professional transportation vehicles and personnel with relevant qualifications, and the utilization of polycarbonate glass will be increased to avoid safety accidents

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