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Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. officially launched company level projects in 2016

Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. officially launched company level projects in 2016

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on March 24, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. held the 2016 company level project launch meeting in the first conference room of the management center. Chairman yuanhongming, general manager Wang Yanhong, members of the project management committee The head of relevant departments and BASF, another international giant, are also gearing up and the project managers are attending the meeting

the project management office first introduced the company level project initiation in 2016, the change points of project management and project management methods. Deputy general manager Liu Keqiang publicized and implemented the significance of the 2016 company level project and put forward requirements to the project manager

Wang Yanhong pointed out three major changes in the company level projects in 2016: first, the number of projects is small but excellent. Nine projects focus on key businesses such as products, market structure adjustment and strategic breakthrough, which can promote the implementation of the 2016 policy outline; Second, the process should be strictly controlled, with a separate project director and project manager, so that professionals can keep an eye on the goals and accept the guidance and inspection of the project management committee monthly and quarterly; Third, adhere to the result oriented assessment method. The project management committee verifies the award fund, and the quarterly advance payment is not more than 30%. The final award is determined according to the results. 2. The force value revision on the criterion should be performed by the customer service department of the experimental machine manufacturer or the measurement unit recognized by the state. If the user adjusts it by himself and constitutes a quality problem, the popular manufacturer will not bear it. The evaluation of the project focuses on the realization of the project objectives and the contribution to the production and operation in 2016. Wang Yanhong stressed that the nine company level projects in 2016 involved the key issues of the current or next step of product structure adjustment, and the results directly affected the operation of enterprises and the improvement of market competitiveness. All project directors and project managers should fully realize the importance of the project and promote the implementation of the project with high standards and efficiency in their daily work

yuan Hongming affirmed the role of company level project work in promoting enterprise management and enterprise transformation, and hoped that in 2016, company level projects would promote management innovation, drive the change of work style, and help enterprises achieve sound development. Yuan Hongming pointed out that the company level projects in 2016 were selected from more than 60 project proposals, which are very important in the development of enterprises and urgently needed in the current market. All company leaders and departments should go all out to support and cooperate with the implementation of company level projects

yuan Hongming asked the participants from two aspects: first, we should establish three important concepts. First, the company level project is at the company level. The project manager promotes the project on behalf of the company, is the top leader of the project work, and has the highest decision-making power. The project manager should stand at the height of the company and should not be limited to any unit. He should dare to speak and serve the overall interests of the company; Second, the authority of the project manager should be maintained. If all units do not recognize the project work arrangement, they should first communicate with the project manager. If the working principle of an experimental machine cannot be reached, the output frequency and duty cycle of the single chip microcomputer driving chip L298N are continuously adjustable, and the square wave signal acts on both ends of the DC Electromechanical, it should also be implemented in accordance with the project arrangement. The project manager should correctly use authority, which is not for personal interests, but to promote the project work and mobilize all resources to serve the project; Third, the project director should not interfere with the work of the project manager, but provide services and support, solve project difficulties, and coordinate resource needs. The second is to cultivate a group of talents through company level projects. Company level projects involve all aspects of the enterprise. Being a project manager is the best way to exercise. We should set an example through the operation of the project system, let all employees realize the importance of the project to the development of the enterprise, attract more people to participate in the project and undertake the project, and find, train and transport talents for the enterprise

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