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A company in Xiamen builds a cloud platform with the help of flex system

an information technology Co., Ltd. in Xiamen is a national innovative enterprise, the national information industry base for national economic mobilization, and the supporting unit of the national key promotion plan of scientific and technological achievements. It has been rated as one of the leading manufacturers in China's GIS industry for many consecutive years, and is also the most powerful spatial information integrated service enterprise in China. The company has a strong ability to develop and formulate national industry standards at the bottom, and has comprehensive qualifications from data, surveying and mapping, software to system integration, as well as strong comprehensive strength of system integration. It is committed to the construction, management, service and operation of digital cities, and leads its domestic peers in the fields of emergency and mobility, real-time transportation services, digital pipelines, digital place names, and spatial resource integration and sharing

as the company has accelerated the pace of a new round of strategic layout for the national market in the past two years, under the background of 32.2 efficient and professional control platform s and profound changes in communication technology, the company leads the trend of industrial development, provides a new construction service mode for traditional spatial information engineering, products and services, and realizes the strategic goal of building a digital industry, serving modern life, and promoting harmonious development, The geographical name cloud service platform of the project division has been approved by the national torch plan and will be launched soon

facing transformation problems, infrastructure optimization is imminent.

as a high-tech company focusing on software research and development, an information technology Co., Ltd. in Xiamen has insufficient experience in hardware management and utilization, and often affects the progress of software research and development testing because the hardware is not in place. In addition, a large number of software development and platform testing need infrastructure support, and the original infrastructure platform of the company's R & D center often delays the progress of software development due to inflexible management and lack of reasonable resource scheduling

in some R & D projects, there is also a lack of unified allocation of hardware resources, resulting in repeated investment. The infrastructure platform of the R & D center has the following problems:

equipment is often scattered in various project groups, lacking unified supervision and scheduling, which is prone to idle equipment in some project groups, It is a kind of molecule that can be used to manufacture various bio based chemicals and materials (including plastics). Due to the lack of equipment, some project teams affect the research and development progress, the utilization rate of equipment is uneven, and the waste of resources is serious

it is difficult to accurately judge the relationship or correlation between R & D, testing work and hardware environment. The purchased development and testing servers, storage and other equipment cannot fully match the actual R & D needs to a certain extent. Allowing Bayer materials technology to actively cooperate with industry-leading adhesive manufacturers to develop new solutions is easy to cause repeated investment and waste of resources. In addition, the sustainability and security of the R & D and testing environment are relatively fragile, and the overall environment does not achieve redundancy. The R & D application environment relies heavily on hardware. Once the hardware resources fail, the application service will be terminated and the R & D work will be interrupted

due to the variety of equipment, maintenance personnel need to master the maintenance and management of a variety of hardware, the system management means lag, and the software deployment depends on the manual operation of environmental management personnel, resulting in a huge workload of hardware management and maintenance and easy to cause human errors. The lack of automatic deployment mechanism cannot meet the requirements of rapid deployment of software and hardware resources required by a large number of projects

lack of authority control and log audit functions for user operation and access, and lack of a unified supervision platform, which increases the probability of equipment failure

the space of the machine room is tight. According to the construction plan of the computer room, if the current management mode is followed, the computer room can no longer accommodate the equipment added at any time. Due to the low utilization rate of hardware resources and the waste of energy consumption such as electricity and air conditioning, it is not suitable for the current environment of energy conservation and emission reduction and green data centers

therefore, how to set up an advanced R & D cloud platform and carry out unified management and resource allocation of the platform has become an urgent requirement. Through the understanding and comparison of the solutions, the Information Technology Co., Ltd. purchased IBM flex system system and SCE infrastructure cloud software, combined with VMware and RedHat KVM virtualization software, to build a unified software development and testing cloud computing environment for the company

build a cloud platform with flex system

in terms of computing modules, the company adopts 8 flex system x240 computing nodes, 1 flex system FSM and IBM SCE for flex system. SCE infrastructure cloud can help customers quickly establish R & D and testing cloud environment, and support VMware and RedHat KVM at the same time. It can improve the utilization of hardware resources through unified deployment and project resource tracking management, and realize rapid deployment through image management, simplify management, and improve the efficiency of R & D and testing

through the FSM management node and the establishment of the cloud platform, the company has improved the utilization of R & D and testing equipment and the efficiency of supporting the project, and obtained the following business benefits:

the need to improve the utilization of equipment and reduce the cost of hardware procurement. By building a research and development cloud computing platform and virtualizing and integrating existing server and storage resources, each project can obtain the required resources. When the project ends or the resource requirements are reduced, it can be dynamically adjusted to other projects. So as to improve the overall utilization of equipment and reduce the hardware procurement cost

improve the work efficiency of environment preparation, realize the standardization of R & D environment, and standardize management. With the help of the automatic deployment function of cloud computing solutions, the original manual deployment method is replaced, and the deployment time can be compressed to less than 1 hour, which is more than 90% shorter than before. At the same time, the remote control of technicians is realized, which greatly improves the efficiency. Through the service systematization of IT resource management, we can realize the standardization and standardization of IT resource deployment, and make the supply process measurable and traceable

the unified management tool greatly improves the work efficiency of maintenance personnel and speeds up the response speed of maintenance personnel to the project. With the help of the FSM management node graphical and highly integrated unified management platform in flex system, it provides unified management and monitoring of the entire hardware platform, including remote management, fault early warning, one click upgrade and other functions, which greatly improves the work efficiency of maintenance personnel, It accelerates the corresponding speed of it maintenance personnel for R & D projects, and the manual sorting efficiency of system operation and maintenance is low, which is more safe and reliable

to realize green energy conservation and improve the high availability of equipment, virtualization can really contribute to green energy conservation, resource utilization and high availability for enterprises through virtual management technology and management process. When the resource load is relatively small, the workload can be migrated to some devices, while other devices can be shut down, thereby reducing power consumption. In addition, after building the cloud computing platform, when a server in the cloud environment fails, the load on the server can be automatically migrated to other servers through virtualization technology, so as to improve the high availability of the system

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