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Brique company of France launched ondulvit 1F anti-skid belt

at the 2005 China International Exhibition, we saw ondulvit 1F anti-skid belt brought by brique company of France, which is aimed at high-speed 1 First of all, we should consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is a vertical electromechanical choice. The slip phenomenon on the line, especially the use of a coating with high friction coefficient and heat temperature resistance, can ensure that any shift on the high-speed line will not slip. Therefore, the benefits are obvious: reduce downtime; 50Hz production is not limited by paper conditions; On the crosscutting and slitting machine, the cutting length is more accurate; Keep the lower belt clean and free of indentation on other processing lines. This can completely change the design of the tension section or cold section of the production line, such as designing a machine with fewer pressure rollers to make FCT better; Design short machines, reduce manufacturing costs and save space; Get the perfect tension to make the cardboard size accurate and the cardboard does not slip

at present, some advanced manufacturers in the world have applied this kind of belt to the new double-sided machine and achieved unexpected success

sound 3. The indication error shows "front positive rear negative" or "front negative rear positive" on the dial, and individual points are out of tolerance:

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