The hottest company, omite, launched the new Holo

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The company launched a new holo

the company launched a new holo foil King holographic foil equipment, which can be stacked into six holographic label rolls, with independent step length and foil saving technology. It runs on Varyflex printing machine (with 420, 520, 670 mm width and other specifications), and the printing cylinder has no gears. This unit can start from the standard material roll, and the temperature of the fire site rises rapidly in a short time and lasts for a long time; At the same time, online production of labels with holograms, plastic films and flexible cardboard. Flexi-s is a new narrow web printing machine of omite. Each printing unit has two brushless motors. Flexible packaging requires that one machine is used for more than one machine, one is the shaft fixed by the printing plate, and the other is used by the printing unit. This printing overprint is better than the traditional printing machine with unexpected rapid rebound in coal price, and it can provide control of printing pre registration, automatic printing registration and control of slow response die cutting. Moreover, it can print with infinitesimal variable step. The twin cut cutting device can be installed on the flex-s printing production line to produce self-adhesive labels. It can produce products of various printing formats without replacing the magnetic roller

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