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The company held a special seminar on strategic planning for product development

recently, the company held a special seminar on strategic planning for product development. A total of more than 30 leaders at all levels and technical personnel representatives from the sensor, numerical control and intelligent detection technology departments attended the seminar, and general manager Xie Yong presided over the meeting. This is the first strategic planning discussion in the form of a seminar after the integration of the company, and it is also an important meeting held during the transformation and upgrading period of the company. The purpose is to analyze the internal and external situation faced by the company, electrolytic aluminum and other product lines in the development process, clarify the future development direction of products, identify the target positioning, and open a new situation for the development of the company

in order to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting, general manager Xie not only reiterated the importance of strategic planning for the follow-up development of the company, but also made detailed explanations and requirements on the meeting arrangement in his mobilization speech before the meeting. The deputy general manager Shi Hangfei and deputy general manager Li Dong, who attended the meeting, then made a brief introduction to their respective business areas around the requirements of this strategic planning discussion

analyze the current situation and solve problems

after high-quality assets such as numerical control, intelligent detection and military electronics have been successfully injected into the company, all employees expect to form four industrial development forces and scale development effects, and their desire to promote the better development of the company is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, the company made a detailed deployment arrangement with the technology department 2 The large diameter extensometer holds tight to the right angle, and the accessory spring is too hard. The marketing department cooperates with the strategic research work participated in. After nearly half a year of research and visits, all technology departments and high nickel batteries have submitted detailed strategic planning materials, which have made full preparations for this symposium

according to the agenda of the meeting, this seminar is mainly divided into two parts: the strategic planning for the development of sensors, CNC and intelligent detection products and the strategic planning for production and operation support. All centralized reporting departments stand to carefully analyze the current situation and jointly check their financial assets; On the starting point of facing problems and solving problems, in the strategic planning statement, SWOT analysis is used to carry out a more comprehensive analysis focusing on the current situation of the industry in which the product is located, future development trends, opportunities and challenges, the work to be carried out and the medium and long-term investment planning. Participants also reached a high degree of consensus on the new challenges brought by changes in the internal and external environment to the development of the company. How to solve the mismatch between the company's economic scale and supporting resources, how to narrow the gap between the production and operation guarantee ability and demand, how to improve the sustainable competitiveness of the company's products, how to maintain the driving force for the sustainable development of various industries, how to innovate the product marketing model, how to innovate the product research and development mechanism, etc., have naturally become the core topics of the seminar

brainstorming blueprint

in the strategic planning discussion, the participants mostly talked about problems in combination with their personal feelings, put forward suggestions based on the long term, and offered suggestions for the problems existing in the company, such as low communication efficiency, low scientific level of material management, weak process design ability, high product costs and so on. Everyone spoke actively and enthusiastically, which fully reflected the sense of responsibility and mission of Weibo employees for the development of the company

at the meeting, everyone firmly believed that the problems faced by the company at this stage on May 19, 2015 are temporary, a pain that may be faced in the development process of any enterprise, and also the necessity of the company's transformation and upgrading stage. They still maintain a high degree of confidence in the development of the company, as long as they fully recognize the pattern, grasp the opportunity, unify the development idea, strengthen the development belief, condense the development strength, and strive for success, The long-term healthy development of the company can be achieved by promoting the sustainable development of various undertakings of the company

although there is still a long way to go to put the new ideas and ideas of the company's strategic planning into practice one by one at the seminar, we believe that as long as we have a clear development direction, a clear and strong promotion, we are more than one step closer to the goal

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