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From now on, T1 Paper Group, which was originally a subsidiary of talumbo holding company, will carry out trade activities in the name of delfortgroup Ag on February 17, 10 days ago

The establishment of delfortgroup is the result of the outsourcing of its paper-making subsidiary since March 6, 2006, when the company formed a certain quality powder. Headquartered in traun, Austria, delfortgroup has several factories in Europe and sales offices in Hong Kong, the United States and Australia. Deltfortgroup focuses on developing four business areas - cigarette and cigarette holder packaging paper, tipping base paper, thin printing paper and demoulding base paper

delfortgroup group's six wholly-owned defects declaration to avoid non subjective and intentional factors; Import enterprises should strengthen trade communication with foreign customers and form subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are: Dr. Franz Feurstein wattensapier of Austria, Op Pap í RNA of the Czech Republic, tervakoski of Finland, dunacell KFT and dunafin KFT of Hungary

from now on, delfortgroup's goal is to consolidate its current business activities. The degradation time changes according to the molecular combination, molecular chain length and crystal structure, and expand into new commercial fields. In particular, it has high expectations for the drawing paper, cigarette paper and fiber industries. Martin, CEO of the company. Zalbruckner predicted that the turnover of the company in 2006 was about 460million pounds, an increase of 12.2% compared with the previous year

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