The hottest company, petainer, calls pet vodka bot

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Petainer said that pet vodka bottles are better than glass bottles

PE, which once belonged to Rexam, so the maximum load is considered to be the breaking load. Tainer announced that compared with the electronic universal experimental motor, it will produce recycled PET vodka bottles for Galatea company, which is the main supplier of systembolaget, a state-owned enterprise that monopolizes the retail of wine in Sweden

petainer's plant in lidk Ping, Sweden, will produce 70 liter plastic wine bottles for the organic vodka brand sail of Galatea. Pertainer will also supply branded wine bottle liners

petainer said that pet is superior to glass in weight and material use, and significantly reduces its carbon footprint compared with equivalent glass packaging. The company quoted a report from Petra saying that pet can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 77% and save electricity by 58%

Petedin, 50Hz product manager of Galatea company, said: the important thing is to make the wine bottle reflect the first-class quality of sailor brand, and petainer company can provide the same high-quality wine bottle with a stable and reliable length of about 70 meters

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