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An Australian company has developed a plastic packaging material made of corn starch

according to "our xpressn lux can replace expensive leather materials, according to the UK's foodengineering & ingredient science and technology magazine, plantictechnologies in Australia" The company has successfully developed a new plastic packaging container that can be discarded after use. The researchers developed a new technology in 12 Range mode: a biodegradable new packaging material that is completely the same in shape and feel as the plastic material produced by the Japanese chemical company, and can also be color printed. This kind of packaging material, which is made from corn starch and later when he is more and more familiar with this kind of material, can also be cut and incorporated into the new brand of packaging and forming processing. The raw material of the new biodegradable packaging material is corn starch, and its structure is suitable for plastic production. This is the high amylose with long chain molecular structure that needs special planting. The new packaging materials can not only be processed into plastic products that are beneficial to environmental protection, but also their relative prices are relatively low, which is conducive to the promotion and use

the application test shows that this new material is stable and safe as a packaging material for dry foods such as chocolate and biscuits. Once the new packaging material is put into water, it can immediately start to decompose until it is completely decomposed and disappears

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