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Asia Pacific Tianneng's 2018 new smart lock A1 quickly became a star hit as soon as it was on sale! What magical new advantages does it have

straight board push-pull design is simple and generous, more versatile

a1's refinement, starting with appearance! The panel is made of zinc alloy by die-casting, which is very solid, and the surface is fine and shiny; Streamlined straight board design with push-pull handle is simple and generous, and it can be selected in titanium gray, glacier silver and red bronze, which is very suitable for all kinds of home decoration styles

5 new ways of unlocking let you choose as you like

as a smart lock, what new unlocking posture does it have? A1 has five ways to unlock: fingerprint + password + swipe card + mechanical key + wechat authorized unlocking. Now let's introduce the most eye-catching ones

fingerprint unlocking

a1 uses RF semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology to collect the fingerprint information of the dermis, and quickly identify and unlock! It can sensitively identify dry, wet and shallow fingerprints, which can be used by both the elderly and children. It also eliminates the intrusion of forged fingerprints, which is easy to use and reassuring

password unlock

a1 supports 18 Bit virtual password. You can unlock normally by entering the real password at will before and after. You are not afraid of someone peeping, so you are more at ease

wechat authorized unlock

the black technology of Asia Pacific Tianneng is coming! Through wechat, you can send a temporary unlock code to your friend remotely. It is valid to open the door once within 2 hours, and you don't worry that your friend won't enter the door anymore

Automatic wake-up unlocking and automatic locking of door closing

if you have to operate repeatedly before opening the door, it will take too much time! The design of A1 is very humanized and supports fast door opening: without a special wake-up system, you can verify the unlocking with a finger, and open the door with a gentle push! The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the inside of the handle, which can not only effectively hide, but also facilitate the opening of the door

moreover, A1 adopts a fully automatic mortise lock, which automatically locks when closing the door. If the door is not closed properly, it will automatically remind you, and you are no longer afraid to forget to lock

wechat push door lock message protects the safety of home

through mobile wechat, you can receive the door opening message at any time. Are you surprised? It's clear at a glance whether the children get home after school and whether their parents walk back! Moreover, in case the door lock is pried, the password is continuously input incorrectly, and the fingerprint is continuously identified incorrectly, wechat will immediately receive an alarm message to let you know the threat at the first time

upgrade the child lock function to prevent children from opening the door by mistake

a1 smart lock is equipped with the child lock function key. After opening the child lock function, the room cannot be unlocked, which effectively prevents indoor children or pets from opening the door by mistake, and also prevents thieves from unlocking outside the door with cat's eyes, which is safer

smart plus points without price increase, cost-effective and completely superior to rivals

Asia Pacific Tianneng is the first listed company in the domestic smart lock industry, which is trustworthy in terms of design, quality and after-sales service

Asia Pacific Smart Lock,

Security + reliability + intelligence + affordability,

don't you start at once

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