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Elegant and beautiful furniture, exquisite decorations, open pattern and ingenious layout planning. The small house in the decoration design effect drawing of the following group of small houses is really super fashionable and stylish, which is unexpected. Let's have a look

owner's decoration files: Decoration community: Qingjiang landscape (more Qingjiang landscape decoration effect pictures) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 90000 decoration company: (decoration bidding)

the vertical stripe wallpaper alternating light yellow, black and white has distinct colors, which not only fills the blank of the wall, but also has a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense, It plays an important role in improving the beauty of space. In this effect drawing of small house decoration design, the lamps and lanterns in the living room are a highlight. The purple lighting, the shape of blooming flowers, elegant modeling and elegant design inadvertently add endless romance to the space, while the pure white two seat leather sofa fully shows the noble and elegant charm of European style. The sofa is equipped with colored pillows, which not only enhances the ornamental, but also improves the comfort

the open pattern is very good for small family homes. Such a layout can enhance the flexibility of interior decoration design, and can also play a role in broadening vision and expanding space. In the effect picture, in addition to the porch in the lobby, the designer created a kitchen in the sunken area on the right side of the door. The light wood colored overall cabinet is arranged in a line against the wall, and the left side is where the bedroom is. The whole is orderly, creating a refreshing living environment for residents

the round ceiling is hung with gorgeous and bright crystal lights, and the simple decoration design instantly establishes the elegant mood of this small bedroom. The black gauze curtain in the picture belongs to the same series as the black gauze partition curtain between the bathroom and bedroom, forming a unified visual impression. Although the bedroom and bathroom are mainly black and white, and the color matching is simple, the bright color contrast enhances the effect of space decoration. The whole space does not make people feel monotonous, but the simple decoration design shows a fashionable and romantic atmosphere

the beige wall decoration alone has made this study space particularly charming. A solid wood desk is exquisite in workmanship, and there are beautiful reliefs on it. The combination of high-grade leather chairs and coffee chairs is particularly warm and romantic. The bookcase is designed in an arched embedded wall, and the light renders the books on the shelf as holy as a lighthouse on the road of life

[introduction to Qingjiang Shanshui community]: Qingjiang Shanshui is located at the intersection of Nanhu Avenue and Minzu Avenue in East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and is developed by Hubei Qingjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. With a total construction area of more than 740000 square meters, western style houses, small high-rise and high-rise buildings, a 3000 square meter UFO Art Museum, and a 20000 square meter central ecological lake, it presents a complete, independent, dynamic and tasteful "new urbanism city". Editor's comment: after reading the decoration effect drawing of Qingjiang landscape simple two rooms and one living room, do you still want to see other decoration effect drawings? Sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement





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