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I believe you all have this feeling in recent years: now the economy is more and more developed, people have more and more material enjoyment, but the taste of Spring Festival is getting weaker and weaker. Since everyone has this feeling, why not take action to improve the taste of the new year? After all, the Chinese New Year is the most important festival of the year for our Chinese people. In these days, the whole family is reunited. To improve the flavor of the new year, you can start with diatom mud decoration. The walls that have been white for a year should always be brighter during the new year. Red is the traditional festive color during the Spring Festival. Painting a dark red printing background wall on the living room will not be too dazzling, but also get rid of the monotony of a large red wall. The most important thing is to add a festive atmosphere to the silent living room in an instant. During the new year is to be prosperous, the next year will be a prosperous life

year embodies our joy of the past year and our expectation of the future year. How can we get less words of auspiciousness and blessing? Diatom mud adopts the carving process to carve and draw calligraphy Chinese characters with rich meanings such as "auspiciousness", "happiness" and "longevity" on the wall according to a certain design. It feels that the whole living room is full of blessings and has a strong artistic flavor

if you like decoration with a little artistic conception, diatom mud can also meet the requirements. An ink painting of fish playing with lotus leaves, using diatom mud carving technology, leaps on the wall, full of artistic conception; At the same time, the lotus and carp symbolize the surplus every year, and the calligraphy of peace and wealth directly expresses the blessing of the year

don't think that these walls complement each other only during the Spring Festival. Even in ordinary times, the decorative elements on the walls are full of Chinese style and unique artistic flavor




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