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To make a reasonable material plan, we think there are three steps to go

first, early understanding, full flowering:

in the early preparation stage, almost all owners know little about materials. However, under the impetus of installing a new house, it is recommended to cheer up and have a comprehensive understanding of the materials

first, come to the focus position, learn material knowledge, understand what materials are needed for decoration, and what brands of various materials are available for selection. Collect and sort out some professional terms and terminology about materials to avoid falling into passivity in the future decoration process or the process of buying materials

second, take the initiative to choose some material markets according to the distance of the home. Go and have a look at them during the weekend. At this stage, you should not choose any brand. The most important thing is to get familiar with several main material markets

key: in this stage, the most important goal is to fully blossom, know what kinds of materials are needed for decoration, which brands are more suitable for Chongqing people, and which markets have which materials to sell

second, combining design and targeting:

in the second stage, the industry owners began to calm down and determine their own brands. What materials to choose and which brand of materials to choose depend largely on the style of decoration design and the investment of budget funds. And design style often plays a key role. The owner will determine the brands of several main materials according to the design style, such as wood flooring, strong floor tiles, doors, furniture, cabinets, lamps, and wall materials. This is also the most expensive part of decoration. The owner can fully communicate with the designer, and in combination with his own investment budget, from the several brands he knows in the early stage, through market examination again and accounting again and again, use limited funds to lock in the final material brand

of course, in this process, the main concern of the industry is how to make money meet the requirements of material selection if materials meet the requirements of design style. In the process, owners should calm down and analyze whether the environmental protection, color, style and after-sales service of materials are suitable for their own needs. In this process, several materials that are easy to ignore are: waterproof, hardware, invisible screens or anti-theft nets (the weather in Chongqing provokes mosquitoes, and almost every family needs them), plastic steel doors and windows, clothes hangers, skirting lines, etc

key points: its stage goal is to basically determine the brands of various materials, including the brands of the first choice and the second and third alternative materials. Be aware of it

third, analyze the process and put forward the plan

after having a general understanding of materials and defining the material brand they need, they basically began to enter the construction stage at this time. At this time, we need a relatively clear list of materials

in principle, the list of materials is mostly provided by the decoration contractor, whether it is full package, half package or clear package. At this time, the owner clearly emphasized his decoration requirements, design drawings and functional requirements to the decoration party. If there are designers involved, the designer should make design disclosure to the construction party. It is very important for the construction party to clarify the specific construction scheme, especially the treatment of some joints and fine connections

after the disclosure, the construction party can put forward a specific material plan according to the requirements. After all, although the owner has turned around many building materials cities and consulted many material merchants, he needs the help of the construction party to come up with the specific number of materials to be purchased, how much to purchase, and even the actual price of these materials. Therefore, the material procurement plan of the owner mostly includes the painstaking efforts of the decoration party. If the owner cannot get the support of the decorator when making the material procurement plan, some deviations are likely to occur when the plan is implemented

when formulating the material procurement plan, the decorator should pay attention to the strict implementation of the terms related to material procurement stipulated in the home decoration contract signed by both parties, especially the procurement provisions of main materials. In this regard, we have indeed seen that some decoration companies did not hesitate to lower the price in order to get a home decoration contract, and finally got the contract. However, in the execution of the contract, in order not to lose money, when formulating the material procurement plan, it is intended to use some low-quality and low-cost materials to replace the high-quality and good price materials that should be used

of course, the owner had better choose the kind of material business that can buy all the materials in one stop to avoid running around in the decoration process, which costs both motor and electricity. After all, only when you purchase more materials in a business can you have the advantage of capital application price. Moreover, it can also make the after-sales service of materials relatively centralized in the future, which is also more guaranteed. In addition, businesses like this will generally help you control the materials according to your needs

key points: this stage is critical, and the owner strives hard to ensure that the materials and prices on the bill of materials can be purchased within the budget. Moreover, when requesting materials, we must pay attention to each kind of material should be considered as carefully as possible, and the one-time plan should be in place, so as to avoid the same kind of material running several times (we have encountered many such situations in the process of overall distribution to the owner, and the operation is really annoying). On the other hand, it also saves costs





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