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Xujiang's long glass fiber reinforced technology, which integrates glass fiber into plastic, is a "red" sightseeing belt along Xujiang with beautiful scenery and scattered riverside houses. However, the lattice member who carries out daily inspection in the community every day has issued a straightening hanger suspender; (5) The perpendicularity between the main shaft and the test platform is obvious. Since there is no street lamp on the footpath, the residents of the community can only take a walk and exercise on a dark road at night. There are great potential safety hazards for residents to travel. In a fellowship activity, the Municipal Finance Bureau, after learning about this situation, took the initiative to learn more about the situation from Xinkang community, and negotiated with the community Party committee to raise funds for the installation of street lamps for the footpath from West Ring Road to xutai Road on the North Bank of Xujiang river

"light up, light up! Now it's safer for me and my wife to take a walk at night." Uncle Wang, who lives in xujiang'an garden, couldn't close his mouth when he talked about the newly installed street lamps on the footpath of the community. The seemingly insignificant problem of installing street lamps is actually a big problem related to the safe travel of residents. In order to serve the residents well and ensure the convenience and safety of residents' travel at night, all departments have taken active action. By the beginning of December 2019, all 50 street lamps have been installed. At night, when people walk along the riverside footpaths, bright street lights not only illuminate the roads of residents, but also illuminate their hearts

the Party committee of the "new" fire bearing "large party committee of Xinkang community 2 Accuracy level: since the launch of the class 0.5 construction service project in may2019, in order to give full play to the leading role of the big party committee, the activity of "party members' joint household warming the pioneer party flag" has been carried out with the core of "not forgetting the original intention to solve the people's worries, keeping the mission in mind and benefiting the people's livelihood", so as to promote the practical implementation and step-by-step deepening of the theme education. Through the joint construction and interaction of "Street building, department efforts, branch actions and Party members' shining cards", eight "gathering number" pioneer actions have been carried out successively, including environmental remediation, "two small actions", poverty alleviation and poverty relief, respecting the old and loving the children, policy publicity, facilitating and benefiting the people, peace building and civilization building. With the help of the Municipal Finance Bureau and multiple departments, it has effectively promoted the precise service of Party and government organs and departments to the community and the gathering of in-service party members; Go deep into the masses and effectively solve the problems of residents. The implementation of "point-to-point" assistance for community assistance objects has achieved a good situation of "Party committees integrating and doing everything compared with them", and promoted grass-roots party organizations to truly become the "red engine" for the development of large party committees

"the 'new' fire carries on" hold hands with each other and save to warm and benefit the masses. As Uncle Wang and his wife said, "when the street lights are on, our hearts are bright." The major party committees have joined hands in two-way interaction to do a good job in grass-roots party building, grass-roots governance, serving the people and other services for the people, and continue to move forward towards the goal of creating a better community. Xielijun

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