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It is estimated that the container cargo volume of Tanjung palapaz port will increase by 30% in 2003.

. It is estimated that the container throughput in 2003 will increase by 30%, which is lower than the 40% growth rate previously estimated

according to the current forecast, the container throughput of Tanjung Palapas port in 2003 was lower than the 2.8 million TEU in November of the previous year, but still higher than the 2.5 million TEU predicted earlier. At the end of November, 2002, the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) reported that Mohd sidik Shaik Osman, chief executive officer of Tanjung pallapas port, said he was confident to increase by 40% on the basis of the 2002 target of 2.5 million TEU, and to increase the annual total container throughput in 2003 to 2.8 million TEU. Earlier, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir has announced a plan to develop Tanjung pallapas port into the largest port in Malaysia by 2005, when the container throughput will exceed 10million TEU

in 2002, due to the huge transit cargo volume and the 5% growth of local import and export, the container throughput of Tanjung Palapas port increased by 30% compared with 2.05 million TEU in 2001. The increase of cargo volume is the result of the efforts of the port in the new market of cargo sources. EVA shipping moved to Tanjung Palapas port last August, which significantly improved the growth level of cargo volume

for coherent performance: in order to meet the future development requirements, Tanjung pallapas port has begun to expand the site under the name of its second stage development plan to add 8 berths; Two of the berths will be completed in 2004 when the compressive strength will be improved, so the jaw should be cleaned frequently, which will increase the annual container throughput of Tanjung palapaz port to 6million TEU

the container throughput of the West Port Area of Klang port, another major port in Malaysia, also increased by 27% to 2million TEU in 2002; However, due to the impact of Maersk and EVA moving to Tanjung Palapas port, the West Port of Klang port lost 300000 TEU of transit cargo per year

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