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The provincial chamber of Commerce for packaging and printing industry disclosed that some enterprises in Shenyang produce food packaging bags with recycled materials


according to CCTV's weekly quality report, CCTV investigated more than a dozen plastic color printing enterprises of different sizes in Gansu, Qinghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. It was found that toluene is easy to be tilted and the price is low. In order to quickly print thick ink on plastic film, It is used as the main raw material for mixing solvents. In addition, in the production workshop, food packaging bags, rat poison, chemical fertilizer and washing powder packaging bags are printed on the same production line, and the finished bags directly enter the production line to package food without any sanitary treatment. Lanzhou quality supervision and inspection personnel randomly selected 7 plastic color printing enterprises producing composite food packaging film. The results showed that 5 of the 7 samples were found to have benzene residues exceeding the standard, involving the packaging of five kinds of food: beef jerky, milk powder, candy, salted bean jerky and potato chips

Chenyingjie, Secretary General of Liaoning packaging and printing industry chamber of Commerce, introduced that at present, there are about 100 food plastic packaging enterprises in Shenyang, mainly producing instant noodle packaging bags, beverage packaging, shopping bags directly in contact with food, etc. However, according to their understanding, some production enterprises will add recycled materials such as used plastic products to the new materials in the production of food packaging bags, which are absolutely not allowed by the existing relevant national standards. Packaging bags that directly contact food are not allowed to use recycled materials harmful to human body. Recycled materials can only be used for beer boxes, washbasins and other plastic products that are not directly imported

chenyingjie said that there is an urgent need for mandatory standards to regulate the production and processing of plastic food packaging in Shenyang. "It is not only the problem of benzene exceeding the standard, but also the use of raw materials and the production process of plastic packaging bags for directly imported food are related to people's health and safety."

Shenyang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will pay attention to the production of food packaging bags

it is learned from Shenyang Municipal Quality and technical supervision department that they are paying close attention to this matter, mainly because Shenyang has not conducted supervision and spot check on food packaging bags before the beam used for the experimental machine moves. However, the Bureau said that it would carry out screening inspection on the products produced by Shenyang food packaging manufacturers according to the relevant national quality standards, resolutely crack down on unqualified products, and strive to block the flow of unqualified food packaging into the market from the source

enterprises that fail to pass the "3C" certification at the end of the year will be eliminated.

Chen Yingjie said that he would first choose the full set of production with cables and supporting aluminum alloy connection accessories, and have the ability to provide correct connection technology solutions to adopt computers to realize electronic measurement and automatically complete the compressive strength test scheme. The state will implement a mandatory product certification management system for food packaging products, including lunch boxes, plastic bags, beverage packaging, etc, Namely "3C" certification; Enterprises and their products that have not passed the certification by the end of the year will be sealed up; Food packaging to be certified includes a variety of food container products closely related to people's daily life, focusing on plastic packaging, paper packaging and composite packaging in the food industry and beverage industry

the national food packaging standard will be issued in August this year; At that time, all food packages must pass the certification before they can be put on the market

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how to judge whether the used plastic bags use recycled materials

chenyingjie told that for consumers, it is possible to judge whether the used plastic bags are processed with recycled materials: if the white food packaging bags are not very transparent and the color is dirty, they generally use recycled additives; The plastic bags of red, blue and other colors used in the farmers' market can certainly use recycled additives

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