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At present, with the rapid development of the instrument industry, advanced and scientific instruments and equipment have provided important help for environmental monitoring, food safety, medical testing and other fields. In the field of food, as an instrument with fast detection speed and short detection cycle, rapid detection equipment has a wide demand in the food detection industry

recently, the food and Drug Administration of Shaanxi Province held an open tender for the construction of county-level food rapid inspection vehicles. It is expected to purchase such instruments and equipment as food rapid detection vehicle, centrifuge, ultrasonic cleaner, electronic balance, thermostatic water bath, moisture meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, portable ATP fluorescence detector, etc. Among them, there are only 107 food safety inspection vehicles. The total budget of the project is 129million yuan, and all imported products will not be accepted for bidding. The deadline for submission and bid opening of tender documents is 9:00 on March 1st, 2018. The purchase content, quantity and budget amount are as follows:

as a mobile food safety inspection room, the food inspection vehicle is responsible for food safety guarantee. In recent years, with the growing food safety problems, the market demand for food inspection vehicles and related instruments has become increasingly prominent. Since 2017, the purchase of food inspection vehicles and related instruments in China has been increasing. Gansu food and Drug Administration spent 50.98 million yuan to purchase 85 food fast 230 single leaf flat open multi-functional door inspection vehicles; Guangdong Province plans to purchase 89 county-level food safety inspection vehicles for 93.98 million yuan; Hubei food and Drug Administration invested 43.82 million yuan to configure 3027 sets of rapid inspection vehicle instruments; Yunnan Academy of grain Sciences purchased 311 sets of rapid inspection equipment for 36.25 million; Jiangxi Province purchased 5200 sets of fast food safety inspection instruments for 38million yuan. Through the configuration of these rapid equipment, we will spare no effort to ensure food safety in all provinces

the food and Drug Administration of Shaanxi Province has invited public bidding for the construction of county-level food rapid inspection vehicles, with a budget of up to 129million yuan. It can be seen that Shaanxi Province also attaches great importance to food safety and is actively escorting the provincial food safety dynamometer attached to the movable 10 character head driven by electric motor or hydraulic device by adding instruments and equipment. It is worth noting that all procurement projects are required to be made in China, and import bidding is not accepted. This is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity for domestic instrument manufacturers. At the same time, it also shows that the existing technology and rapid detection instruments can meet most of the market demand under the independent development of China's instruments, especially those of the manufacturers of the dispersion uneven instrument

of course, all provinces should also pay attention to the construction of quick inspection vehicles and give full play to their role. They should use them scientifically, strictly manage them, strengthen assessment, fix full-time drivers, arrange professionals, implement vehicle safety and daily inspection work, and give full play to the functions of mobile inspection rooms, so as to provide strong technical support for the discovery of fake and shoddy food and the investigation and handling of illegal cases

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