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Forbidden paint startles luxury residences in Shanghai

forbidden paint startles luxury residences in Shanghai


Shimao Group is the leading real estate enterprise in Shanghai. It dares to take the lead in the industry - Shimao Riverside Garden presents the whole house fine decoration with excellent quality. The main building materials and indoor equipment are carefully selected from world-famous brand products. In Shanghai, it can be called a famous building with top-level acid and traditional lead-acid batteries

on November 25 this year, dozens of owners of Shanghai Shimao Riverside Garden (hereinafter referred to as Shimao) jointly complained about the quality of Shimao's hardbound houses

a large area under the floor is coated with tar asphalt

Shimao Riverside Garden is located in Lujiazui Financial District, Pudong, with a total construction area of nearly 800000 square meters. The huge Roman column and fountain in the courtyard of the community show its status and domineering. However, in the hall of Building 2, the imported marble laid on the ground burst in many places, and the dirt in the gap formed a clear contrast with the luxurious facade

within 20 minutes of waiting patiently for the elevator, the author accidentally saw a notice in the "bulletin board" of the property company: Shimao is rectifying six owners in the area. When I came to Ms. A's home on the 22nd floor, I saw that sevenoreight workers were fighting in the hardbound repair room with an area of more than 300 square meters. The imported floor had been completely destroyed, and the exposed wooden keel was being laid

"why does a good hardbound repair room pry the floor clean"? "The smell of asphalt is too strong. The original wooden keel and rough floor are painted with asphalt." A worker answered while working without raising his head. After Mrs. A's family moved into Shimao, the whole family was disturbed by the pungent smell all day, so that her daughter suffered from heart disease and reread the book for a year

mushrooms grow on the bathroom wall. It is understood that Shimao Building 2 was first built and was handed over for use on December 31, 2002. Therefore, it is inevitable that there are "defects". Then, is the quality of the later buildings improved? Miss e, who lives on the third floor of building 3, has a lot of troubles. Since she moved into Shimao, she has become a "mushroom girl". The water seepage in the guest bathroom of Miss e's house caused the walls on both sides of the aisle between the guest bathroom and the master bedroom to be damp, and then the wall powder fell off, moldy, blackened and even mushrooms grew. Miss E has picked one crop after another, and Shimao has repaired it for fiveorsix times. Today, mushrooms still grow tenaciously in E's house

tar type asphalt is forbidden for indoor decoration

according to relevant regulations, Shanghai Construction Committee issued hjbm (99) No. 0587 document on August 23, 1999, The first article clearly stipulates: "the design and construction drawings prepared from October 1, 1999 and the construction projects started from January 1, 2000 are prohibited to design and use paper-based felt, tar type waterproof paint and asbestos type waterproof paint." On november1,2001, the Ministry of Construction issued the GB document code for quality acceptance of building decoration projects, which also clearly stipulates that the use of materials that are officially eliminated by the state is strictly prohibited, and the "tar type waterproof coating" has been clearly included in it (asphalt is one of the tar type waterproof coatings)

it is also the "breathtaking leap" proposed by Marxist economics. The professionals of Haishi building materials supervision and inspection station pointed out that tar asphalt is highly toxic and has a long emission cycle, and is a hidden killer in concealed household projects; Since some solvents need to be added as diluents (such as benzene) during use, it is extremely harmful to human body. According to the materials provided by Shimao owner, relevant authorities detected that toluene in a room of Building 2 exceeded the standard by 117 times

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