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The office of Nobunaga Ono, the general representative of Hitachi China, is located in the middle of the headquarters of Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. in Beijing development building. This yellow based room is about 30 square meters, surrounded by several pots of one meter high green plants. More coincidentally, on the day of the interview with business week, Nobunaga was wearing a green tie, and the badge pattern on the collar of his suit was also a large tree with luxuriant branches and leaves, the famous Hitachi tree

these seem to indicate the importance Hitachi attaches to green gold. Environment is one of the three key words for Hitachi's development in the next three years from a height of 10000 meters. The other two key words are global and integration. Since taking office as the general representative of Hitachi China and chairman of Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. in April last year, one of the most important tasks of Ono shinko should be to further strengthen the cooperation with the China Development and Reform Commission in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection

at the fourth China Japan comprehensive forum on energy conservation and environmental protection held on November 8, 2009, Hitachi and the national development and Reform Commission signed a memorandum of understanding on resource recycling and low-carbon economic cooperation. On the basis of the original phased achievements, in the next stage, the two sides will expand their cooperation to water treatment and recycling of other resources, as well as new energy fields such as solar energy, wind energy and smart electricity. Hitachi is also the first with NDRC 7 When the voltage is greater than 10V, the Commission signs relevant memoranda for Japanese enterprises

on March 19 this year, the green economy and technology exchange meeting between the national development and Reform Commission and Hitachi was held in Beijing. In 2007 and 2008, Hitachi and the national development and Reform Commission have jointly held three technical exchange meetings on energy conservation and environmental protection. The practical results brought about by this are the energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration projects carried out by Hitachi in cooperation with Yunnan Province and Ningbo City in 2007 and 2008 respectively

Nobuyasu Ono revealed that Hitachi is currently working with the national development and Reform Commission to select cities to carry out new demonstration projects. It is no longer a time when everything will be fine if products are directly introduced into China. Except for a small number of products, more products need to cooperate with local institutions in China. He lamented that we must strengthen cooperation with the Chinese government, local governments, universities and enterprises, and further integrate into the Chinese society, so as to bring errors and market to the experimental machine

2010 coincides with the 100th anniversary of Hitachi. In the process of entering the new century, Hitachi's focus is to shift from comprehensive Electromechanical to establishing a stable revenue structure. The so-called stable Revenue Department of Hitachi is composed of infrastructure such as information and communication system, power system, environmental protection and transportation system

in April last year, facing the impact of the financial crisis, Takashi Kawamura, chairman and general manager of Hitachi Group, put forward the strategy of social innovation. Specifically, Hitachi will use its core competitiveness in the fields of social infrastructure and information and communication to integrate the traditional social infrastructure industry with it in the fields of information and communication systems, power systems, industrial/transportation systems and urban development systems to form innovation. In 2010 and 2012, Hitachi will focus on investing 1 trillion yen (about 10billion US dollars) in the above social innovation undertakings, which accounts for 70% of Hitachi's capital expenditure in the next three years

at the same time, Hitachi hopes to achieve sustainable development through social innovation, and the long-term plan "environmental vision 2025" formulated by Hitachi also sets clear goals for its environmental cause, that is, to strive to achieve an annual emission reduction of 100million tons of carbon dioxide by 2025, including 70million tons in energy supply fields such as power generation, and 30million tons in energy consumption fields such as industry/transportation/life

like many multinational giants, China is an important fulcrum for Hitachi's transformation. At present, 42% of Hitachi's exports and sales come from overseas markets. Hitachi plans to increase this proportion to 50% in three years, while Chinese Mainland's sales have accounted for 11% of Hitachi's global sales. The future goal is to increase this proportion to 20%

according to Nobuyasu Ono, Hitachi (China) has gradually established advantages in three areas and will continue to develop in depth, namely, the elevator field, the construction machinery field with excavator as the main part, and the electrical product field for Shinkansen, bullet trains and so on. Next, Hitachi will strengthen its business in six areas: first, new energy fields including wind power generation and solar energy utilization; Secondly, intelligent electricity; The third is water treatment system; The fourth is household appliance recycling, including providing consulting services for the central or local governments to build household appliance recycling factories, providing business training for relevant personnel, and establishing joint-venture factories; The fifth is the urban traffic system, especially the operation management system; The sixth is green it with energy-saving data center as the core

Hitachi has launched relevant actions. In May this year, Hitachi reached an agreement with China Singapore Tianjin eco city investment and Development Co., Ltd. to provide various advanced technologies and relevant solutions for the construction of environmental friendly urban facilities such as smart electricity cooperative development, home energy-saving system and electric vehicle charging management system in Tianjin eco city. On July 1, Hitachi consulting (China) Co., Ltd. officially opened. This means that China has become the fourth core region of Hitachi global consulting business system after Japan, Europe and North America

we should provide products and technologies with good performance, economy and ease of use according to the needs of the Chinese market, and try our best to carry out R & D and production in China. At the same time, we should strengthen it, design and development related to carbon dioxide emission reduction and other knowledge intensive industries. Nobunaga Ono said that we hope to cooperate with Chinese enterprises as much as possible in these work

changes and changes in Hitachi China

interview with Nobunaga Ono, general representative of Hitachi China

BusinessWeek: Hitachi has experienced many shocks in its development history, such as the bursting of the foam in the Internet and semiconductor market in the past 20 years and the global financial crisis in 2008. Now, people from all walks of life focus on green, which means a big change in the external environment. What experiences can Hitachi have to cope with these changes in the 100 years of Hitachi's growth

Nobunaga Ono: for Hitachi, there are two factors, namely, invariance and change. What remains unchanged is Hitachi's entrepreneurial spirit over the past century, that is, the spirit of harmony, honesty, pioneer, and the spirit of enterprise society. In addition, we should establish a reliable and friendly cooperative relationship with stakeholders, such as shareholders, sales companies, factories and relevant governments and communities, which is also one of the unchanging principles we keep in mind. But there are also some things that are constantly changing in Hitachi's 100 year history. With the changes of the times, the business fields that make the greatest contribution to Hitachi are different: in the early stage of Hitachi's entrepreneurship, the heavy power business is the focus; In the trend of home electrification, Hitachi's TVs, refrigerators and washing machines are exported to the world; With the development of social informatization, computers, communications and semiconductors have become the business priorities of Hitachi; Now, we are focusing on the development of social innovation. This is not only the greatest feature of Hitachi, but also a key point for Hitachi to achieve development in the Chinese market

business: then, how do you judge the characteristics of China's energy conservation and environmental protection market

Nobunaga Ono: first of all, China has a population of 1.3 billion, and the market scale is very large, and China is likely to surpass Japan to become the second largest economy in the world; Secondly, the central government has strong guidance and local governments have strong implementation. The two will form a multiplication effect. We expect that many environmental protection projects will be launched at the same time. In addition, in recent years, the Chinese government, enterprises and the public have also continuously improved their understanding of energy conservation and environmental protection. In the future, environmental protection issues will become more and more profound and everyone will pay more and more attention to them

business: focusing on social innovation, how can Hitachi keep in line with the global strategy and be targeted at the Chinese market

Nobunaga Ono: the Chinese market is one of the most representative markets in the world, so we can not separate the Chinese market from the global market, and our experience in China can also be promoted to the outside world. Hitachi has put forward the idea of positioning at the international level and focusing on the local. This actually means that we should integrate with the international situation at the strategic level, but also transform it into a form that conforms to the local reality

from the perspective of products, Hitachi has introduced two categories of products into China, one is the most advanced product in the world, and the other is the product with popularity, that is, it has the best cost performance. From the perspective of talents, Hitachi has an important feature, that is, no matter in which country, it will provide training opportunities for the hired local talents, make them improve themselves through work, and then put them in an important position in the company. Hitachi is constantly strengthening this talent strategy. In addition, to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, we must strengthen cooperation with the Chinese government, local governments, universities and enterprises. At the same time, we should actively fulfill the corporate society, so that we can be recognized and trusted by the Chinese society, and then integrate into the whole society

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