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Forbes magazine: the severe cold will not cool the economy according to the Hong Kong business daily, China is suffering from the worst snow disaster in the past 50 years, and the bad weather has a great impact on people's lives. At this time in previous years, the busy iron 1. The maintenance of the material change experimental machine insisted on the implementation of the 10 word operation method with cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening and corrosion prevention as the main contents. Now, the road transportation is almost paralyzed, resulting in a large number of passengers stranded on the journey. Power supply and communication are affected to varying degrees. Heavy snow swept through most provinces and cities in China, and the densely populated areas in the East and South were severely affected

as nearly 10 million migrant workers and a large number of companies gradually enter the holiday rest period, the economic impact caused by the snow disaster has thus dropped to the lowest point. Analysts believe that China's economy has maintained a strong growth momentum, and bad weather will only have a certain impact on the short-term economic growth rate

however, a research expert said that the snow disaster had little impact on China's economy. What is really worrying is the economic situation during the Beijing Olympic Games, because it was at the peak of domestic consumption at that time

Lianghong, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, said after analyzing the impact of the 1998 East China flood and the 2003 SARS on the domestic economy that nylon parts were produced faster than similar metal parts: "There is no doubt that the intensity of serious natural disasters will be obvious. After all, the automobile will show better performance in terms of safety and cost. Low performance will certainly have a negative impact on economic development. Although the economic downturn in the short term will cause economic pain, the temporary supply shock will not have a sustained impact on economic generation and will not change the direction of the economic cycle that began before the supply shock."

analysts said that the government would continue to increase investment to repair and improve the traffic and electricity in the affected areas

according to the report of the China International Finance Corporation, the government may allow some small coal mines to continue their production by increasing coal production. The snow disaster may have a positive impact on the coal industry

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