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15 years' persistence in showing ingenuity and forging craftsman through hard work -- Interpretation of the "craftsman spirit" of Qilu craftsman Jiang Tao in cable transportation inspection work

he was a "post-80s" college student, but chose to climb and roll in the cable trench; He was not a professional, but he won the champion of the national skills competition and the National May day labor medal in only fiveorsix years. He is Jiangtao, the monitor of the first class of cable transportation inspection of Jinan power supply company. Over the past 15 years, he has carved "ingenuity" in the cable trench. Go deep into the scene and interpret the "craftsman spirit" from his work

throw yourself down to work hard and polish your ingenuity in repeated practice

"I feel that I should throw myself down to eliminate distractions, work pragmatically and work hard." Jiang Tao believes that the "craftsman spirit" is a kind of drive, drill, ruthlessness and tenacity that will not stop until the task is completed and the problem is solved

this spirit is the concrete practice of his work over the years. Cable joint is the weakest link of cable, and its manufacturing process and quality are very important. The semiconducting layer less than 1mm should be cut off with a knife. This knife is very important. It cannot be peeled off if it is shallow; Cutting deeply will damage the main insulation layer and affect the safe and stable operation of the cable

at the beginning of work, Jiang Tao did not know how to use a knife, and his hands were scratched everywhere. But he did not admit defeat and compared with the cable. "The hand holding the knife was abraded and wrapped with gauze to continue practicing." Jiang Tao said that he practiced for more than ten hours every day, constantly adjusting and improving the high-strength T1000 series carbon fiber that has been successfully developed abroad, from the knife holding technique to the cutting force, from the knife tip angle to the knife moving speed. Yongxing special steel achieved a revenue of 921million yuan through more than 10000 times of practice, and finally learned the skill of "one knife accurate"

lead lining is an important link in the manufacture of high-voltage cable joints, which is the process of sealing cable heads and cable joints with semi molten lead strips. Because of the difficult technical skills and high process requirements, no more than 100 people in the country can master this skill. In order to master this skill, he had his eyebrows and hair burned by the spray gun flame dozens of times, and his hands were scalded many times. After six months of hard training and summary, Jiang Tao was able to make a perfect lead seal in 20 minutes, becoming one of the few people in the company who mastered the technology

personally drive, carefully cultivate and inherit the "craftsman spirit" in persistence.

"the" craftsman spirit "should not only be adhered to, but also be carried forward and inherited." Jiang Tao said that a person's adherence to the "craftsman spirit" can ensure that his post is outstanding. If a team or even an enterprise wants to have outstanding performance, it needs all employees to uphold the "craftsman spirit"

Jiang Tao has always attached great importance to the development and inheritance of "craftsman spirit". In recent years, young people who work in the cable transportation inspection room have to polish under his supervision, instill the "craftsman spirit" of conscientiousness and excellence, and finally become a good player. Under his leadership, his team, whose performance meets relevant standards, completed the research and development of "monitoring the grounding current of 110kV power cable outer sheath"; The research, development and application of the "four proofs" of the cable well cover have been completed, and the problems that have plagued the cable operation and treatment for a long time have been solved; The successful development of "test lead of transmission cable terminal tower arrester" has solved the production technical problems of long pre-test outage and high risk factor of transmission tower arrester...

5 years ago, the "Jiang Tao skill master studio" named after him was established. As the leader, Jiang Tao attaches great importance to the training of young employees. "Only when the foundation is firmly established, can it be possible to push through the old and bring forth the new." To this end, he organized and carried out a series of activities of "experts come back to be experts and model workers" to effectively improve the professional quality of the team

a series of honors such as national craftsman, Qilu craftsman and gold medal lecturer are a powerful interpretation of Jiang Tao's carrying forward and inheriting "craftsman spirit". As a craftsman, Jiang Tao pays close attention to the "Jinan craftsman" tree selection activity jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of trade unions and Jinan newspaper group. He believes that this activity can promote the whole society to respect, inherit and carry forward the "craftsman spirit", so that it can truly become an important force to boost the economic and social development of our city. (wangxitao of this newspaper)

at present, the "Jinan craftsman" tree selection activity is in a tense registration stage. As long as you love your job, are dedicated, persistent, persistent, good at tackling key problems, have the courage to explore, keep improving, and make outstanding contributions in their respective fields, you are within the scope of tree selection. The recommender or candidate can go to shun topic page (. It is mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and performing agencies (i.e. control panel and console) cn/xzjngj/), the public email of tree selection activity (email: jngj_bmb2019@; password: jngjbm2019), or scan the two-dimensional code of "Jinan craftsman" to download and fill in the recommendation form by themselves, and send the completed declaration form and relevant materials to the designated email of the activity (jngj2019@) before the middle of August, Or through the mailbox of the Municipal Federation of trade unions( jnszghscb@jn. )Submit the application form and relevant materials to the production protection department of the Municipal Federation of trade unions

scan code to download declaration form

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