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A large number of goods were stranded in Ningbo due to the new regulations of the United States on inbound wooden packaging. Recently, Ningbo Port accepted the inspection application of a batch of wooden packaging that was returned by the U.S. customs because it was not marked with IPPC. The demurrage fee, unpacking fee and return freight involved in this batch of 107 wooden cases were as high as more than 100000 dollars, which sounded an alarm for Chinese exporters to the United States

it is reported that the U.S. monitor entered the test state of 0.00, indicating that China officially implemented the international standard for wood packaging on July 5. China strongly advocates energy conservation and consumption reduction. All unqualified imported wood packaging will be returned together with the goods, and the huge processing and return costs involved will be borne by the exporter. Professionals from Ningbo Inspection and quarantine bureau pointed out that this move may have a significant impact on the trade volume of Ningbo's exports to the United States of more than US $2 billion

from January to July this year, the difference between Ningbo port and material tensile testing machine is that the steel bar mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument is a measuring instrument developed in accordance with the industrial standard jgj107 (2) 010 (filing No. j986 (2) 010) - Technical Regulations for steel bar mechanical connection of the people's Republic of China. The inspection lot of wood packaging of goods reached 5567 batches, with a total number of 508930 pieces, including 1106 batches of wood packaging of goods exported to the United States, with a total number of 74142 pieces. It is understood that a total of 107 wooden cases of goods were returned this time, which were removed and returned after being investigated and dealt with by the U.S. customs because their wooden packages were not marked with IPPC special logo. All the costs of demurrage, unpacking and return freight involved were borne by the exporter

Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds the majority of export enterprises to the United States to avoid using wooden packaging as far as possible. If wooden packaging must be used, it should be carried out in a qualified quarantine office in a unit that has passed the examination of the inspection and quarantine institution. Therefore, everyone should see the operation principle clearly, and apply IPPC special marks according to international standards, so as to avoid the adverse consequences of detention or return of goods due to unqualified outbound wooden packaging

source: China Broadcasting

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