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Shougang Motoman industrial robot new product leverages the new market

using motofro interface, you can set various process parameters of the welding machine through the robot, and you can also detect the welding process in real time on the robot teaching box. This is the robot system for cold metal transition sheet welding just developed by Shougang Motoman robot Co., Ltd. last year

new products like this are not uncommon in Shougang Motoman. Thanks to continuous technological innovation and product structure adjustment, Motoman was able to successfully extricate itself from the financial crisis. In addition to maintaining a high market share in the automotive industry, Motoman successfully opened up new robot application fields such as railway, metallurgy, welding of medium and high voltage electrical appliances within one year, reversing the relatively centralized market situation and achieving multi-point flowering, Maintained rapid development

technological innovation improves core competitiveness

Shougang Motoman is the first industrial robot joint venture in China. The annual output of Motoman robots operated by Shougang Motoman ranks first in the world. The main factors to be considered are: environmental conditions of hydraulic system, working conditions, performance of working fluid, economy, protection and maintenance, etc., which are widely used in arc welding, spot welding, gluing, cutting, handling, stacking, painting, etc. As a pioneer in the promotion and application of industrial robots in China, Shougang Motoman provides more than 1000 sets of robots and supporting automatic production lines for Chinese users every year. Its technical level has always maintained a leading position in the domestic same industry in terms of the control characteristics that can be compatible with the speed control throughout the whole process. It has been recognized as a foreign-invested high-tech enterprise by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology

the financial crisis at the end of 2008 made the number of Motoman contracts of Shougang in development relatively reduced and the profits significantly reduced. What should we do? In the face of difficulties, Shougang Motoman adheres to the development idea of adjustment in innovation and innovation in adjustment, seizes the opportunity of the country to stimulate domestic demand and support relevant industrial policies, makes every effort to adjust the product structure based on scientific and technological innovation, and has successively developed China's first fully automated fastener stamping line, ultrasonic cutting robot system, robot automatic temperature measurement and sampling system, vacuum arc extinguishing chamber welding system New products such as the welding production line of the load-bearing bridge pioneered the reproduction teaching method, overcome the difficulty of debugging the rigid holding dual machine coordinated handling system of large workpieces, and the method of generating the robot cutting operation program offline has won the national invention patent

its latest welding robot products motoman-va, vs series 7-axis arc welding and spot welding robots have a more compact structure and a reduced action interference range. They can act freely and flexibly in a narrow space, so that they can avoid various interference obstacles and work effectively in a complex working environment. Because the new robot can work with a low attitude, it is more compact in the layout of the robot. It can complete a variety of welding operations in the same station, saving more space, and making the production efficiency per unit area higher, saving costs for users and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises in the industry

it is understood that since 2002, Shougang Motoman has made 3-5 new products and technological innovations every year, developed key technologies such as clamping devices with independent intellectual property rights, obtained four national utility model patents, one invention patent, and filled two domestic gaps

structural adjustment wins development opportunities

before product structural adjustment, our product market is mainly concentrated in the automotive industry. It accounts for 70% of the market share of the automotive industry. Shougang Motoman said that on the basis of product innovation, Shougang Motoman aimed to maintain growth, and also accelerated the pace of adjusting the production structure and expanding the market

driven by new products, they have opened up new robot application fields such as railway, metallurgy and welding of medium and high voltage electrical appliances for the first time

in the automobile welding workshop, the extensive use of welding robots can not only make the welding quality stable and the work efficiency high, but also meet the mixed line production of various models. Facing the current financial crisis, if automobile manufacturing enterprises want to adjust production plans or increase models, welding robots have good adaptability. From the whole vehicle to the production of parts, the use of welding robots has been improving rapidly

building a regional industrial chain for coordinated development

building a regional industrial chain, stabilizing the development foundation, and cooperating with enterprises in the region are also a major feature of the development of Shougang Motoman. At present, they have cooperated with 7 enterprises in the development zone for a total of more than 30 projects

it is understood that from 2005 to 2008, Shougang Motoman gave full play to its technical advantages, designed and manufactured various robot systems, production lines and supporting equipment for construction projects of relevant enterprises in the Development Zone, and provided corresponding technical services to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In 2009, we continued to maintain good cooperation with Foxconn precision components (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Benz DaimlerChrysler Automobile Co., Ltd., Beijing BOE Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to provide them with spare parts and the design and manufacture of new projects. On this basis, the cooperative enterprises in the zone continue to expand and provide robot equipment and related products such as welding and plasma cutting for Beijing oulipu industrial product technology development Co., Ltd., SMC (Beijing) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Kemper Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd

the development of enterprises in the development zone has received great support from the government of the development zone. Similarly, enterprises should also give back to the government and make their own contributions to the stable development of the region. Shougang Motoman said that due to the rapid development of Shougang Motoman in recent years, the transportation volume of goods has doubled, and some goods cannot be transported into the plant in time due to traffic management restrictions. After the relevant departments of the Development Zone learned that the graphics seen on the projection screen and the orientation of the actual sample placement caused this situation, they timely helped the company handle the truck transportation pass. According to the actual production and vehicle management and use of the company, they successively handled five truck passes for the company, ensuring the normal progress of production, and also enabling the enterprise to calmly cope with the financial crisis, shortening the delivery time of products New situation of logistics increase

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