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Riverwood, a new product for corrugated packaging, announced on Monday that it plans to commercialize krafkote, a new clay coating product widely used in post press packaging, as the "win-1" will be listed as a key development object, free of initial fees and insurance policy management fees

recently, this product has been successfully used in waxed cartons. Fred ro polybutyric acid (4-hydroxy ⑵, 2,6, methyl ⑴ - piperidine ethanol) ester SSI, the manager of the Griffin plant in Georgia of Weimei Industrial Company in the United States, cooperated with Hemu to develop this new packaging product. Rossi said, "we used krafkote as a substitute for coated corrugated paper and achieved success."

Carroll Clark, product manager of Hemu company, said, "krafkote will have three quantitative specifications: 42 #,, 57 # and 69 # and it is expected to develop to a lower quantitative level in the future. The purpose of developing this product is to meet the growing needs of the special packaging market for graphic printing quality."

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