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Basel polyolefin company recently launched a new brand of impact polypropylene copolymer clyrellrc514l. It is said that the new brand is prepared by catalloy polymerization process, which is characterized by high transparency and wide processing temperature range, and reaches the hardness required for preparing the sheet for forming, filling and sealing (f any power supply is inserted into FS privately) packaging container

it is reported that plastic food packaging is an article that consumers often contact in daily life. Clyrellrc514l is a substitute for commonly used FFS resins such as PC and APET. The comparative test from FFS machinery factory shows that the equipment for processing APET and "Chen Yanwen believes that the mold can be directly used to process the PP copolymer without equipment transformation, and the injection stroke of the PP copolymer is 97% of APET, the residual shrinkage is only 1%, the haze and gloss indicators are 10.1% and 127.3% respectively, while the haze and gloss indicators of APET are 8.9% and 129.3% respectively. In addition, the weight of PP copolymer food container with abnormal pendulum position is 33% lighter than APET

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