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New products directly used for cigarette strip coating film come out

many cigarette manufacturers use PVDC coating film and PVC film for cigarette packaging. PVC film itself is non-toxic, but it is easy to produce peculiar smell under high temperature. PVC monomer vinyl chloride is toxic. Today, with more and more attention to environmental protection, its use has been affected to a certain extent. Therefore, our company has successfully developed a new PVDC coating film product that can be directly used for cigarette box packaging, and has passed the test in Liuzhou cigarette factory and other units. Compared with PVC film, it has many advantages

★ high barrier

solid state PVDC has become a synonym for high since its inception in 1930. Time will prove the quality of the instrument and the reputation of the store. The packaging industry calls it the "Queen" of high barrier materials. The test data tell us that the barrier property of 23 Particle thick BOPP film with PVDC coating is equivalent to that of 1300 micron thick BOPP film without PVDC coating

★ high fragrance preservation

high barrier fragrance preservation. A lively example of this is a TV advertisement for PVDC film products made by Americans: two pieces of beef, one wrapped with PVDC film and the other wrapped with other film. A group of dogs approached, sniffed the piece coated with PVDC film and walked away; On the other hand, the dogs smell the smell from a distance and rush for a bite. A vivid example in reality is the successful application of Hyundai renpai PVDC coating film in Baoji, Chenzhou, Bengbu, Nanning, Lanzhou, Tianshui, Fuyang and other cigarette factories. PVDC film solves the "swelling" phenomenon of heavy color cigarette label inks such as red and blue in cigarette packaging. The wrinkle starting point of cigarette film is always, and users' experience of its unique fragrance retention performance of maintaining the mellow aroma of cigarettes is becoming deeper and deeper

Japanese cigarettes once used PVDC coated film to pack cigarettes, mainly for the purpose of preserving fragrance and extending retention period

the cigarette box is heavy, and the friction in the moving process is large. It has always been a difficult problem that the cigarette film is blooming and foggy. Using PVDC coating film, all this can be easily solved

pvc film volatilizes peculiar smell when heated, and its harmful substance hydrogen chloride is toxic, which can cause cancer. PVC needs to add some low molecular additives during molding. These additives will precipitate after heating for a long time, that is, the so-called "sweating", which will affect its hygiene and safety. PVDC is modified by copolymerization without additives, which is hygienic and safe. In addition, the amount of PVC coating is very small (about 0.5g of cigarette wrapped), while PVC will consume about grams per cigarette, which is close to 10 times that of PVDC. Therefore, PVDC best meets the environmental and ecological requirements of "packaging the same amount of products with the least packaging materials (volume and weight)", which is exactly the case. In Germany, the United States and other European and American countries, PVDC is known as green packaging materials

more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulators. PVDC film has good applicability for mechanical operation; Excellent ability to block the penetration of oxygen, water vapor, aroma and odor; Very good transparency and satisfactory high gloss performance; Compatible with environmental protection and ecological balance. As an alternative to cigarette carton packaging, it is particularly necessary for the film surface to have excellent anti Qiao injury ability, otherwise the best transparency will lose transparency because of "non wear resistance"

pvdc packaging material is recognized as a high barrier material. As a surface coating material, it has excellent surface properties, such as excellent barrier properties (for oxygen, water vapor, aroma and taste); The coating has good heat sealing property, and the sealing is flat and dense; Stable sliding performance ensures smooth operation of packaging; The good display of printed patterns makes the printed drawings and texts more plump and thick

cost analysis of using PVDC coating film to replace carton packaging for cigarette packs:

1. Film area for cigarette packs: 0.34 × 0.29=0.0986m2

2. All metal components will be damaged. The weight of PVDC film is about 32g/m2, and the area of each ton of product is about 31250m2. Calculated by 33000 yuan/ton, the cost per unit area is oh: 33000/31250=1.056 yuan/m2

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