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Hit hard and launch new products - Davidson has newly launched V80 series economical PLC

since the launch of V80 series programmable controller, Davidson has been widely used in various industries and has been highly praised by users. In order to better meet the needs of users for compact, high-performance and economical PLC, on the basis of standard products, Davidson has actively innovated and improved, and introduced V80 series economical programmable controllers, ensuring that customers can greatly reduce the cost of OEM products on the premise of stable quality. Especially for the application of PLC with small points, a set of economic products m16dr/dt series has been developed and developed, so that PLC users who are using simple functions and small points can further reduce cost pressure and create more profit space for enterprises while ensuring performance in use

m16dr/dt is an economical 16 point CPU module, which uses DC24V or AC220V power supply, 8-point digital input and 8-point relay (or transistor) output. The relay output current is 2a, and the transistor output current is 0.75a. The body is equipped with a 232 communication port as standard, supports Modbus protocol, and supports ladder diagram programming function

the stability and economy of products, which may affect our recent and long-term deeds, are the most important factors that can not be ignored by OEM manufacturers in the production process. Stability is the lifeblood of enterprise products, and low cost is the edge for enterprises to obtain greater survival and development space. How to make these two organically? Since the utilization range and use degree of pressure testing machine are so wide, It is the unremitting pursuit of the controller manufacturers, but also domestic. We must understand its operation and common faults. PLC product survival 1. The reason for the maximum static experimental force: 2Kn. Based on this concept, dervison combines it with the enterprise tenet of "serving the society and creating value", constantly goes deep into the market, gets close to customers, truly takes customers as the center, constantly introduces products that meet market requirements, and wins with quality, price and service, in order to improve the competitiveness of itself and its customers in dealing with the rapidly changing market, and integrates the business philosophy with the strategic vision of development, With excellent R & D technology and product quality, as well as customized services, we will provide more and better products for the market

it is believed that in the expectation of the majority of users, the economical Small PLC of Davidson will give you an unexpected return

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