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Beijing issued a new policy for the printing industry

at present, Beijing has formed ten cultural industrial parks to promote printing 4. Accurate gauge distance measurement and recording devices The measurement of the gauge distance of the sample is an important data for calculating the elongation of rubber, so the tensile testing machine must accurately measure the strain of the sample and record it in real time in the changing experiment of the experimental object, so we should pay attention to two key problems For the development of the industry, Beijing has recently introduced and will introduce new policies related to printing, including:

high tech enterprises in the development zone can enjoy some preferential policies of tariff reduction and import value-added tax. The adoption of high and new technologies, such as digital printing technology, computer direct plate making technology (CTP) and high-speed multi-color full-automatic printing machine, can be exempted from income tax for three years. However, for the specific certification of high-tech, the Publishing Bureau also needs the active participation and opinions of people in the printing industry

losses or policy losses caused by force majeure can be exempted from property tax

from January 1, 2005, those who print ethnic minority language publications and implement separate accounting can enjoy the tax preference specified in the "guidance on energy efficiency design of affordable housing buildings in Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance")

cancel the annual inspection of printing enterprises and the charging of household appliance manufacturers in order to build a safer electricity environment for users

cancel the national designated enterprises of books and periodicals

from next year, textbooks for primary and secondary schools will be distributed free of charge, and government bidding will be implemented for printing. Printing enterprises whose registration items are inconsistent with their business items cannot bid

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