The most popular new product successfully develope

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Atofina chemical company announced that it was difficult to finance. It developed a technology for manufacturing fluoropolymer soft foam or hard foam. This technology uses Kynar (R) polyvinylidene fluoride resin to produce foams of various thicknesses and shapes. The foam produced with Kynar resin has strong chemical resistance, which is expected to be started in March 2017. It is stable under high temperature, with little smoke, good water resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties, radiation protection, and low ion adsorption (high purity). There are many potential applications, mainly manifested in: each load can only reach a certain load, including fire resistance, chemical filtration, high-purity polishing materials that can be used on electronic equipment, moisture-proof, breathable film on sports equipment, UV protection and program arbitrary control, outdoor decoration, temperature resistant gasket and chemical resistant gasket, sealing fabric

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