The most popular packing material is paper spring

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A company in Kent, Washington developed a packing packing packing material paper spring, which can replace the commonly used foam packing plastic

using foam to fill the rain water leakage performance test method of plastic building curtain wall gb/t 15228 (9) 4 to fill the packaging box, although it can prevent glass, electronics, chemistry and other fragile, easily deformed instruments, utensils, etc. from being damaged in transportation, but foam plastic is a stone oil chemical product that is not easy to decompose. After being discarded, if thrown around, it will pollute the environment

the paper spring, which can replace the plastic filled with foam, is made of unbleached pulp fiber. It is as elastic as a spring. Its anti extrusion and anti impact performance is 1-2 times higher than that of the plastic filled with foam, and it can be recycled, processed and reused. Even if it is discarded, it can decompose itself in a short period of time without any residue. Therefore, it will not cause any pollution to the environment and is known as a green packing material

it has become a recognized no 2 choice for customers

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